Sprwt Shopping System

With Sprwt's shopping system you can give your customers the ability to create subscriptions, order custom meals, auto-apply coupons, manage allergens and diet preferences, easy payment system and more!

6 Ordering Options


Nutrition Tracking System

Simplified Checkout Process

Revenue & Expense Tracking

Looking for a system to increase your revenue?

Our average client doubles their business in 3 months. Want to see how?

Sprwt is a meal prep business in a box TM

Sprwt provides a start-to-finish, customized software solution for meal prep companies. Sprwt is built to run every aspect of your meal prep business by providing tools to improve your marketing, a recipe builder for your menu, and a system to manage your customers orders, and that’s barely scratching the surface.

Nutritional Information

Our systems automatically generate macros so your customers can fine tune their selections based on the nutrients they need

Recipe Information

Our Dynamic Meal Recipe Builder™ allows you to show all the necessary meal information in an easy and perceptive way so your customer can make the right choices.

Subscriptions & auto meal selections

Many customers forget to order their food in advance, but with Sprwt they can just create a recurring Subscription and if they forget to select any meal our system will choose for them based on preferences, dislikes and allergens.

Simplified Checkouts

Our checkout process is based on 3 steps rules, summary what you order, select your delivery or pickup options and add your billing information. Our main diference from a standard e-commerce is our registered multi-checkout OS™ that we can actually checkout several days and several ordering types in one go.

Still struggling managing your customer orders?

Stop doing manual work and start automating your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sprwt is 100% code-free. Our system is set up within minutes and requires no coding skills or design skills. All you need is access to your website hosting provider and we will walk you through the entire onboarding process. You can get your site live and generate sales with just a few click.

Want to keep your current site and platform but also want Sprwt to manage your online ordering? We’ve got the perfect solution. Simply create a subdomain for your site (order.website.com) and point it to our servers on your hosting platform. Need help? Our IT team can assist you throughout the entire process, and it takes no more than 3 minutes to set up and 15 minutes to propagate.

Our average client launches in under a week; with the average time from setup to launch in roughly four business days. Need to get your site launched in less time? Awesome! We’ve launched some clients as quickly as two days. All we need from you is your menu and branding and we’re set! Want to learn more about our customer’s journey? Read their case studies to see how we helped them and we can help you.

Absolutely, we are eager to help! Not only do we have a comprehensively detailed knowledge base available 24/7, but our customer success team is on standby every day to help you with any questions, training, and consulting services to help you grow your business.

Sprwt has multiple plans designed for every stage of a meal prep business. Looking to start off with all the core reports and an ordering system? We recommend you sign up for the $150 Limited Edition Plan. Need a few more features so you can customize your orders, create subscriptions and more? Check out our Pricing Page to see which plan is best for you and your business’s needs or Schedule a Demo to learn more about which plan is right for you!

At the current time we do not offer any trials from any purchase directly on the site. However, if you’d like to purchase a 3-month commitment or more we can put a 1 week trial on the initial payment. Schedule a Demo to learn more about which plan is right for you!