5 Tips to Help Grow Your Meal Prep Delivery Business

As people stay home more and lead busier lives, the time they have for preparing and cooking meals themselves is shrinking. Because of this, the growth of pre-prepared meal delivery services has exploded. Being the business savvy individual you are, you’ve seen the gap in the market and have already started your own meal prep delivery business.

But how are you going to make it grow? Yes, the meal delivery service market is growing but you are not the only entrepreneur to notice. It is going to take a lot more than just producing and distributing delicious meals to be successful. You are going to need sharp business skills and a good understanding of how to use the internet to your advantage.

So, having got your meal prep delivery service business started and taking its first steps, here are five tips on how to grow your meal prep business.

Get a Website for Your Meal Prep Delivery Business

We are now living in the information age. The business has moved to the online space. If you want to be competitive in the current time, you need to move your business online too. A significant portion of the food industry has already made the transition to online ordering, even Michelin-rated restaurants.

In order to grow your meal prep business, you need to establish an online presence. Before social media or Google marketing, the first thing you need to do is get a website. This will allow customers to find your business, see what you have to offer, and is the platform from which they can order online. Thankfully for you, Sprwt has a website service to help you get the best website built for your business.

Use Meal Prep Delivery Business Software

Yes, you could set up an archaic system where customer orders from your website are told to you via email, but this is not scalable and will quickly fall apart when your business grows. You may also find yourself dealing with double orders, errors, or overstocking. All of this means wasted money and capital.

Using meal prep delivery business software will streamline your business and process. Meal prep business software such as Sprwt’s will help keep your business organized thanks to features like letting you know what orders are due when, auto-generating a shopping list for you based on orders you have coming up, and much more. 

Using meal prep business software keeps your entire meal prep delivery service business in one place which you can access from anywhere.

Create a Blog

You wouldn’t have gotten into the meal prep business if you didn’t have some expertise in meal prep or cooking. So why not share your knowledge and expertise with the world? Create informative posts that can help people who share your passions as well as double as marketing for your business.

Blog posts are also great for SEO which can drive more traffic to your website by making you easier to find in search results and help you to grow your customers.

Level Up Your Marketing 

If you have any clients already that means that you must be advertising already. But handing out flyers or buying small ads in your local newspaper doesn’t cut it anymore. Online marketing strategies may be more complex but they are also more effective.

You need to create online ads that will catch the attention of potential customers and lead to new sign-ups or sales. Use Google Adwords or Facebook ads to reach the people who are actively looking for meal prep delivery services such as the one you are offering.

Take Advantage of Social Media

Having a website and using online ads are great foundations to getting your meal prep delivery business out there, but the cherry on top is making use of social media. This will greatly help your business establish an online presence. You need to show the world that your business is made up of real people.

By using your business’ social media account to share posts and images of your passion for food, nutrition, cooking, or whatever it may be that defines your business, you can grow your meal prep delivery business into something great. Customers online today enjoy authenticity, and show a personal side to your business through social media is a great way to win them over.


We hope these five tips will help you grow your meal prep delivery business. The meal prep market is booming and now is the time to enter the market and establish yourself. If you need help in creating or running your meal prep delivery business check out Sprwt’s meal prep business software. You can even schedule a demo at your nearest convenience.