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Sprwt transcends mere software; it's your comprehensive management solution meticulously crafted to streamline operations and propel your meal prep business, catering business, or restaurant to new heights. Our all-in-one platform seamlessly integrates marketing tools, a recipe builder, and a customer order management system, empowering you to manage every aspect of your business with unparalleled efficiency. But that's just the beginning. Sprwt's robust suite of features extends far beyond the basics, offering a wealth of innovative tools designed to elevate your business to new levels of success.


Meal Prep Software Made Simple

Ordering simplified

Sprwt was created to handle all kinds of meal prep delivery businesses, catering, or restaurant business . Our platform allows you to offer a wide range of options, from single purchases or subscription plans to fully customizable meals, real time ordering and in-store transactions with our POS system.

Customer diet preferences

Do your customers have allergens or diet preferences? Want a system that can fully automate the ordering and take your customers preferences in consideration? With Sprwt you can with our dynamic menu system.

Nutritional tracking

Ditch the fast food and embrace a healthy lifestyle. Today’s consumers are more mindful of their dietary choices, emphasizing the origin of their food and its impact on their well-being. With Sprwt, your customers can seamlessly track their nutritional intake with each meal, ensuring they make informed decisions that align with their health goals.

Marketing automation

Accelerate your business growth from 20 to 60 customers with Sprwt’s powerful marketing hub. Our comprehensive suite of tools empowers you to seamlessly expand your customer base. Leverage our referral program to incentivize existing customers to bring in new ones, implement a loyalty program to nurture customer retention, utilize our coupon system to attract new clients, and harness the power of text message marketing to engage with your audience on a personal level. Sprwt equips you with the tools and strategies to achieve rapid and sustainable business growth.

Simplified Ordering

Streamline your ordering process and maximize sales with Sprwt’s effortless checkout experience. Our intuitive design and streamlined user flow ensure a frictionless ordering journey for your customers. Eliminate the hassle of extra clicks, non-responsive design, and convoluted funnels that hinder conversions. Sprwt’s checkout process is designed for efficiency, featuring auto-applied coupons, digital balances integration, and fully automated ordering, all of which work seamlessly to drive sales and enhance customer satisfaction.


Automate your kitchen

Save time by automating every step with your kitchen process with Sprwt's Kitchen Management OS by generating detailed reports for data-driven decision-making. Manage your shopping list, print cooking reports, organize your packaging, and view insightful reports to grow your business.

Shopping list

Still using excel to calculate what you need to purchase at your vendors? Not sure how much chicken breast you need to buy because of the food waste during the cooking process… and then overbuy? Sprwt’s shopping list calculates ingredient trim, saves money by reducing food waste, and simplifies prep work automatically.

Recipe builder

Need a system to organize recipes, track allergens, nutrition, diet preferences, and portion sizes? We’ve got you covered with our comprehensive Sprwt Ingredients Database you can quickly create any recipe in minutes.

Intelligent sales report

Not sure which meal to keep on the menu and which to throw in the bin? Are your advertising campaigns converting but you have no idea which one’s are performing better than the others? How long is it taking you to do your meal taxes every month? At Sprwt, we’re focused on providing intelligent reporting that works for you.

Improved customer experience

We created a system to help you give your customers the best value because they are your top priority. The subscription management dashboard allows you to control every aspect of your customer’s orders. Our reports make sure customers receive their ordered meals, and our text message platform lets you talk to them instantly.

Label Generator

With Sprwt’s label generator, you can effortlessly incorporate essential information onto your meal prep labels, including macro and ingredient details, expiry dates, cooking instructions, and more.

Sprwt’s versatility extends beyond meal prep labels, encompassing packing slips and bag tracking labels as well. For packing slips, you can seamlessly integrate customer names, order numbers, delivery dates, and meal lists, ensuring accurate order fulfillment and customer satisfaction.

Employee Management

Juggling employee schedules, tracking timesheets, and ensuring accurate payroll can be a nightmare for businesses of all sizes. Sprwt steps in as your knight in shining armor, streamlining these processes with an integrated solution. Say goodbye to manual data entry and hello to automated magic!

Employee Time Tracking

Effortless clocking with real time visibility: Forget the clunky time clocks and inaccurate paper timesheets! Sprwt offers a modern approach to clocking in and out, designed for today’s mobile workforce. Ditch the hassle and empower your employees with:

Shift Scheduling

End your scheduling chaos with Sprwt: Drag and drop shifts, assign employees based on their expertise, view hourly payouts, and publish schedules instantly to your team’s mobile devices, keeping everyone informed and engaged.

Timesheet Management

Sprwt Timesheets, Payroll Made Refreshingly Simple: Forget manual entry nightmares – Sprwt automatically tracks hours, breaks, and overtime, ensuring accuracy and saving you precious time. Need payroll data? Sprwt generates detailed reports on labor costs, helping you make informed business decisions with ease. Stop drowning in paperwork and embrace hassle-free payroll with Sprwt Timesheets. Sign up today and experience the difference!

Sprwt HR Tools - Employee Management

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