Kitchen Display System

Increase your revenue with built in features that improve your customer experience, boost conversions, and generate more sales and build more loyalty with your customers. These features and more are included in the Bloom Plan.

Sprwt KDS - Order Management

Improved Efficiency

KDS eliminates the need for handwritten tickets or verbal communication between the front and back of the house. Prevent errors and ensure that orders are prepared correctly.


Real Time Ordering

KDS provides real-time updates on order status, enabling kitchen staff to prioritize tasks and anticipate demand fluctuations effectively.


Reduced Errors and Order Remakes

Sprwt eliminates the need for manual order entry, minimizing the risk of human error and reducing the frequency of order remakes.


Improved Customer Satisfaction

Sprwt contributes to faster order preparation and delivery times, leading to improved customer satisfaction and reduced wait times.

Are you looking for a real time ordering solution?

a one stop shop solution for restaurants

Sprwt provides a start-to-finish, customized software solution for any meal prep business, caterer, ghost kitchen, or restaurant. Sprwt backend solutions give you the tools you need to automate your administrative processes by generating key reports needed to manage online orders, food delivery, and customer relations.

Real Time Ordering KDS

Real-time order tracking is a crucial feature of Kitchen Display Systems (KDS), providing kitchen staff with immediate updates on the status of incoming orders. This real-time visibility allows chefs and cooks to prioritize tasks effectively, ensuring that orders are prepared and served in a timely manner. Sprwt gives you the ability to monitor order progress in real time also enables chefs to identify potential delays or issues early on, allowing them to take corrective actions promptly to minimize disruptions and maintain kitchen efficiency.

Sprwt KDS - Order Management
KDS - Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

Build trust with your customers

Kitchen Display Systems (KDS) play a pivotal role in enhancing customer satisfaction by streamlining order processing and reducing wait times. Kitchen Display Systems (KDS) play a pivotal role in enhancing customer satisfaction by streamlining order processing and reducing wait times.

Real Time Ordering allows customers to view a menu on your website and place an order for an upcoming time frame.

We’ve partnered with 3rd party delivery technology so all you need to do is request a courier and one will come to you. 

None! Your customer pays a fixed rate depending on their distance to your kitchen that is quoted from the 3rd party delivery platform.

All you need to get started is to purchase the Sprwt plan and request the Real Time Ordering module. If you already own a Sprwt license you can add on this module for $150 per month.