Built for Meal Prep.
Built for you.

Quick to learn, and even easier to use: Sprwt's meal prep-first platform is built with you in mind. Collect instore transaction for your Grab & Go or Retail locations instantly. Sprwt POS - the customizable point-of-sale system that grows with your business.

POS Checkout

Guest Checkout

Process checkouts for walk-in orders with our Stripe card reader for any credit card.

POS Menu

Create a menu exclusively for your POS devices and retail locations that are different than your online orders.

Employee Management

Use our POS to create schedules, manage payrolls, clock-in/out and shift reports.


Centralized Reporting

Make key business decisions based on data and get all your reports for online and in-store in one place.

Want to generate sales from your retail location?

Sprwt is a meal prep business in a box TM

Sprwt provides a start-to-finish, customized software solution for any meal prep business, caterer, ghost kitchen, and restaurant. Sprwt POS gives you the opportunity to create transactions from your retail locations and provide you all the key data in one platform with your online orders.

One Platform for Everything

Sprwt provides a single interface to manage all of your orders online and in-store. Generate cooking reports and shopping lists instantly as orders are processed. Track fulfillment on pickup orders within stores or real-time ordering from online Grab & Go sales. No matter your business use-case Sprwt is here to help you scale and manage your operations.

POS Checkout

POS Menu

Create a unique menu specifically for your retail location(s). If you provide smoothies, salads, or any sort of meals that are available only in store, with Sprwt you can create dynamic menus that only show on your POS devices.

Reports that work for you

Sales reports for POS can your business with a wealth of data that can be used to help you make informed decisions about your sales strategy. With Sprwt you can track inventory levels, identify slow-moving products, and forecast future demand, manage pickup orders and more.

POS Reporting
Shift Reports

Employee Management

Our POS system can help you streamline your workforce management tasks. With our system, you can easily create schedules, manage payroll processes, track employee hours, and generate shift reports. This will save you time and hassle, so you can focus on growing your business.

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