Your All-in-One POS Solution

Elevate Your Restaurant with Our Next-Gen Point-of-Sale (POS) solutions. Sprwt's cutting-edge POS system empowers you to streamline operations, collect in-store payments, enhance customer experiences, and maximize profits. Our intuitive interface and comprehensive features make it easy to manage your restaurant with ease, from order taking and payment processing to inventory management and reporting.

POS Checkout

Guest Checkout

Process checkouts for walk-in orders with our Stripe card reader for any credit card.


POS Menu

Create a menu exclusively for your POS devices and retail locations that are different than your online orders.


Employee Management

Use our POS to create schedules, manage payrolls, clock-in/out and shift reports.


Centralized Reporting

Make key business decisions based on data and get all your reports for online and in-store in one place.

Want to generate sales from your retail location?

Embrace Sprwt's POS system and transform your retail operation

Sprwt provides a start-to-finish, customized software solution for any meal prep business, caterer, ghost kitchen, and restaurant. Sprwt's comprehensive POS system seamlessly integrates your retail and online sales channels, providing you with a centralized hub for managing transactions and gaining valuable insights. Whether your customers place orders through your website or in-store, Sprwt consolidates all transaction data into a single, easy-to-access platform.

POS Perfection: Seamlessly Manage Everything from a Single Platform

Sprwt provides a single interface that streamlines your operations, bringing order to your in-house and online orders. As orders flow in, Sprwt instantly generates cooking reports and shopping lists, ensuring you always have the ingredients you need. For pickup orders, Sprwt seamlessly tracks fulfillment within stores, while Grab & Go sales are handled with real-time online ordering. No matter your business use-case, Sprwt is your one-stop solution for scaling and managing your operations.

POS Checkout
POS Menu

Satisfy Your Cravings: Create a Custom POS

With Sprwt's dynamic menu creation feature, you can tailor your menu to each retail location, highlighting the offerings that are specific to that site. Whether you serve smoothies, salads, or any other in-store meals, Sprwt seamlessly displays the relevant menu items on your POS devices, ensuring that customers see the options available to them at that particular location. This personalized approach enhances the customer experience and drives sales.

Unlock Sales Insights

Leverage Sprwt's robust POS reporting suite to gain a wealth of data-driven insights that empower you to make informed decisions about your sales strategy. Track inventory levels effortlessly, identify slow-moving products before they become a burden, and make accurate forecasts of future demand to optimize your stock levels. Additionally, manage pickup orders seamlessly, ensuring timely fulfillment and customer satisfaction.

POS Reporting
Shift Reports

Streamline Workforce Management

Simplify your workforce management tasks and optimize labor costs with Sprwt's comprehensive POS system. Our intuitive platform empowers you to seamlessly create and manage employee schedules, ensuring the right staff is available at the right time. Automate payroll processes, eliminating manual errors and saving you valuable time. Track employee hours accurately, ensuring fair compensation and compliance with labor regulations. Generate comprehensive shift reports, gaining valuable insights into staffing trends and identifying areas for improvement.

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