Abandoned Shopping Carts? Let’s Recover Them!

Don’t let potential sales slip through your fingers. Recover customers with Sprwt.

A customer has visited your website, shopped around, added some meals to their cart. 

They’re almost ready to close the sale…

But just before they hit that “pay” button, they decide to leave. And their shopping cart sits there full of meals, abandoned.

Abandoned shopping carts suck for meal prep delivery businesses like yours. It’s unfinished sales sitting there. It’s a customer you don’t get to blow away with your amazing meals. Well, now Sprwt has a new feature to get them back!

With the Sprwt system, your meal prep delivery website can automatically send a potential customer a one-time recovery email 30 minutes after they abandon their cart. Giving that customer another shot at being happy and satisfied.

When a customer abandons their cart it could mean a lost sale for your meal prep delivery business. But it doesn’t have to be. If a customer has gone through the effort of browsing your menu and putting meals in their shopping cart then that means that they’re interested. They just need a little push to get them to click that “pay” button. And that little push can come in the form of an email from you encouraging them to finish what they started.

And with Sprwt making that recovery email automatic, it means that you don’t even have to put much time or effort into sending that recovery email. It’s done for you. Now, considering that you can get your customer back and all for a little effort, that is something any business needs.

If you want to take more steps than just a standardized, one-time system email from Sprwt, then why not take advantage of Sprwt’s new Klaviyo integration? With Klaviyo integration you can create your own email marketing sequence for abandoned carts that is customized to your business. 

Klaviyo integration can be added to your Sprwt account starting at $50 a month.