Feature Update: Add Over 50,000 Postal Codes

Your meal prep delivery business has grown. It’s even taken you out of state, meaning you’ve had to add a lot of postal codes to your delivery rates list. So many codes, in fact, it’s been hard to keep track of them. So many that it’s even been hard for Sprwt’s software to keep track of them.

Well not anymore! Just as your meal prep delivery business has grown, Sprwt has grown with you. We are always working hard to keep up with our customers’ needs and to meet them to the best degree possible. Sprwt’s software was built to help grow your business and make your lives easier, and our new update reflects that.

Sprwt will soon be releasing an update to its Delivery Rate – Zipcode feature that will allow companies with over 50,000 postal codes to view and edit them on the Sprwt site. Sprwt was not able to handle that amount of postal codes in the past but now we can, because as you grow Sprwt grows with you.

But wait! There’s more! We understand that even for a large company such as yours, having to go through each and every postal code can be tedious and time-consuming. So in a future update, Sprwt will allow for the ability to create Postal Code rules. Instead of requiring the entire postal code, your admin can just upload the first few characters followed by a * and it will load everything that matches that. For example, if the Postal code is N3T* that means it will accept N3T-R2W or N3T R2W or N3TR2W and any other similar variation.

This makes it much easier for our customers in Canada, the UK, and other countries outside the US.

Oh and one more thing…

Actually, we’ll let you in on that update next time. Soon really. So watch this space.