How do I improve the profitability of my meal-prep business?

Competition continually seems to be squeezing my margins. How can Sprwt help?

The demand for healthy meals for on-the-go individuals who don’t have time to cook continues to rise.  In response, more and more companies within the food industry are offering a range of meal-prep and food-delivery services.

Initially, food box services like Blue Apron and meal prep businesses could get away with charging premiums due to the lack of competition and technologies that would help drive down costs.  More recently, grocery stores have joined the prepared meal business: Plated was acquired by Albertsons and Home Chef was acquired by Kroger.

When large organizations like Albertsons and Kroger get into a value field like Meal Prep, margins are sure to drop.  Grocery stores typically operate at 1-2% margins, so when they see a 5% margin on pre-prepared meals, they get excited.  For small businesses like local meal prep companies, a 5% bottom line does not generate enough money to keep the doors open.  So, local meal prep companies have two options: try to accelerate growth in order to help scale, or figure out ways to cut costs.  Both solutions have their inherent challenges — it takes money and resources to accelerate growth, and usually quality is sacrificed when cost-cutting measures are considered.

What if there was a way to increase operational efficiencies at low costs?  For meal prep companies, the adoption of meal prep software is a viable (and welcome) alternative.  Not only does a meal prep software increase efficiency by eliminating the amount of time owners/employees try to manage the business via spreadsheets, but also, the time gained by using a meal prep software allows the business owner to focus on growing the business in creative ways.  

But how does Sprwt stand out compared to other meal-prep softwares? What makes us so special?

Why Sprwt?

First of all, we don’t just offer the basics. We move beyond the foundational resources necessary for a meal-prep company to thrive. Any meal-prep software is going to offer insightful reports to help you organize your orders and analyze your sales. But we offer six cooking reports, six fulfillment reports, and a plethora of sales and tax reports. So what does this really mean? It means you have dozens of options when it comes to organizing your orders for shopping and cooking.

When it comes to deliveries, our reports help you systematically label and package each meal. The whole point is that you’re investing very little time to get maximum detail and accuracy. And compared to before, without the tedious, day-to-day manual data labor, you’ll have more time than ever before

But we don’t stop at streamlining your sales operations with our reports. We also offer an add-on marketing hub to build rapport with your customers through SMS, email automation, newsletter integration, and social media analytics. And speaking of your customers, the Sprwt software is guaranteed to maximize their satisfaction. With a multitude of ordering systems, subscriptions, loyalty programs, and the ability to input allergens, dislikes, and view macros, be prepared for a swift increase in sales and loyalty. 

The Sprwt Philosophy

Above all, Sprwt understands that meal prep companies have different needs and priorities, and thus different plan options, allowing the business to scale accordingly. No one-size-fits all philosophy here! And unlike other generic restaurant and meal-prep turn-key solutions, Sprwt is meal-prep SPECIFIC, which allows us to more fully dive into the specific needs of the meal-prep industry.

If you’re looking to improve profitability of your meal-prep business, consider a meal prep software catered to your business’s needs. A meal-prep software that meets you exactly where you are and grows with you. Sprwt is ready to get started. Are you? 

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