Sprwt is Proud to Announce a Partnership with Klaviyo

Start utilizing the power of emails to increase your revenue and manage customer notifications

Communication with your customers is what separates you from your competition. Talking directly with your customers is proven to increase brand loyalty, sales conversions, as well as decrease customer turnover. So imagine if you could talk directly with your customers

Making your customers feel appreciated and that you know them as individuals can go really far in building a great brand image for your business. By building a good relationship with your customer, they are more likely to keep buying from your business as well as suggest your meal prep delivery service to other people. Customer loyalty and word-of-mouth marketing are some of the greatest assets a business can have.

But keeping track of all your customers, what they’re doing, and individually emailing each of them when they do a certain action is a time-consuming hassle. You’ve got a meal prep delivery business to run, you don’t have time to sit down and write down a custom email for each of your customers. Well, Sprwt is here to help.

This week Sprwt will be launching our Klaviyo feature, allowing you to automate and customize your business’s email marketing. With Klaviyo you will be able to tap into the massive potential growth marketing offers.

With Klaviyo you would be able to send a message to a customer right after they register, letting them know their registration is complete and thanking them for signing up. What a great first impression on a new customer! Or when a customer makes a purchase, you can send them an email summarizing their order and then upsell them by suggesting similar meals they may like. Or when a client creates a subscription you can send them an email with a summary of their order schedule for the month. All of these actions build customer relations, encourage more sales, and make your customers’ experience with your meal prep delivery service even better.

With Klaviyo, not only will you be able to automatically email a customer after a transaction but you can customize that message for your meal prep delivery business.

Klaviyo doesn’t just enable you to build better customer relations and experiences, it also helps you convert more sales or save a customer from leaving.

Imagine being able to reach out to a customer when they abandon their cart. You could send them an email reminding them that they have items in their cart, let them know what they have in their cart, or even offer a discount on their purchase. Or if a customer cancels a subscription, you can try and reverse their decision by sending them a custom follow-up email with discounts or subscriptions that they might enjoy more. Or you could send a custom message from your business thanking a customer for signing up for your email newsletter where you can try to upsell them on new meals you’re selling. Actions such as these can greatly reduce customer turnover as well as encourage more sales conversions.

With Klaviyo you will be able to take your business’s transactional and marketing emails to the next level and make it all custom to your business. 

Stand out from the crowd with Sprwt and Klaviyo. Starting at $50 a month.

Contact your sales agent to get started.