The Best Marketing? Word of Mouth

The best way to bring in new customers? The customers you already have! 

One of the most powerful forms of marketing is word of mouth. Having a meal prep delivery business suggested to you by a friend or family member is way more powerful than any ad. This is thanks to the fact that those people have much more rapport with a potential customer than any business or ad would.

Word of mouth marketing is incredibly valuable to any business. People know when they see an advertisement that it is a business trying to sell them something. Unless the business has a great relationship with a customer, there isn’t going to be a lot of trust. Even with influencer marketing which is really effective, the customer is still aware that their favorite influencer was paid to promote a brand or product.

But when a potential customer’s friend or family member suggests a business to them, it’s very powerful because the potential customer is aware that that friend or family member was not paid to advertise to them and would only suggest a business they genuinely believe is good. This means that a potential customer is much more likely to follow the suggestion and try out the referred business and meal prep delivery service.

Sprwt gives your business two ways to encourage customers to suggest your meal prep delivery service to others: digital gift cards and a referral program.

When your business uses Sprwt you are provided with the ability to sell digital gift cards. Customers who know how amazing your meals are can buy some digital gift cards to give to people they know. This not only gives you sales but also brings in new customers.

Sprwt’s referral program feature also allows your meal prep delivery business to offer incentives to customers to suggest your meal prep delivery service to others. When a loyal customer refers your meal prep delivery business to someone else and that other person makes a purchase you can set it so that both customers can get a cashback reward.

This not only encourages your loyal customers to refer you to other people but also encourages new customers to buy some meals!

Both these features are available on Sprwt’s Bloom plan for $500/month.

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