New Checkout As Feature Launched!

We’re sure it’s happened to you. You get a call or message from a customer. They’re having an issue with ordering their meals online, or they have a question about how to order, or they have a last-minute order and they can’t get online.

All of these scenarios can be frustrating for your meal prep delivery business. If only you were there with the customer to guide them or just do it for them. 

Well, now you can!

As part of our Point of Sales system, we’ve launched our new Checkout As feature. The Checkout As feature will give you the ability to check out an order as your customer. Helping you help your customers and giving them the best user experience!

No more frustration when customers are having an issue ordering online. Now you can just do it for them!

The new Checkout As feature will enable you to go through the entire checkout process. In your POS, simply select the customer you want, and complete the order on their behalf. Now, if a customer calls with a question, issue, or last-minute order, you don’t have to wish you were there, you can simply just do it for them!