What’s a CRO Campaign, and why should I care?

Are you hesitant to amp up your marketing campaigns because you can’t afford to waste a dollar? Do you ever feel like the real results of your marketing campaigns are inaccessible? Do you wonder what it takes to be a marketing guru, and if it’s worth your time to even try?

Bark Marketing Services wants to make the world of digital marketing far less intimidating than it too often seems to be. But the idea isn’t that we’re introducing some fancy new technology or miracle metric- no, we’re showing you what you can do with what you already have.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Let’s break down some more terminology that you’ll need to know in order to understand how and why we work so well. By now, you probably know that in marketing, a conversion is when a visitor comes to your site and completes a desired goal – making a purchase, perhaps. CRO stands for conversion rate optimization, or, increasing the number of users who complete your desired goal. Simple and intuitive, right?

The industry average conversion rate is approximately 1.3-2.5%. So, in the best case scenario, if it costs you $3 to bring each person to your website, then you’re spending $120 per sale. Worst case scenario, you’re spending $240 per sale. So you can see why these stats might turn a lot of people off from CRO campaigns – the cost of the campaign likely outweighs the sales revenue of the product itself. No point there.

What does Bark do?

Simple- we increase your conversion rate by decreasing the amount of visitors it takes to make a sale.

How do we do it?

The best strategy – and the one we leverage – is to run a CRO campaign focusing exclusively on your website: especially your landing page.

Using our very own software, we can clearly identify how individuals navigate your site. We look closely and methodically at how long visitors spend on each page, which buttons they click or didn’t, the last page they were on before exiting, and so much more.

Slickview Studios views your website as real estate. That is, every page has monetary value based on how users interact with it. And like we said, we focus especially on your landing page.

Of course, looking at the analytics is only the first step. Then, we make strategic changes according to our detailed findings.

Let’s hear some numbers.

Imagine 30% of your customers leave the site after they scroll through each fold*.

Clearly, then, we can conclude that something in that fold is either turning people away, or merely not engaging them. We then regroup and draft compelling content and graphics and try again. And based on our in-depth research, we know what works for your industry, what attracts customers and what doesn’t. So we’re not just aimlessly guessing how to appeal more to users. We know your target audience, your current customers, prospects, and so much more.

So, continuing with this example. Our CRO campaign allowed us to lower the rate from 1/40 to 1/22 in the first month, then to 1/19 in the second month. And by the third month, the overall rate decreased to 1/13.

That’s an overall CVR increase from 2.5% to 11%.

And remember the acronym CPA, or cost-per-action? Well, that decreased from $120 per sale to $27 per sale.

We ensure that users brought to your site are likely to result in a conversion. That’s more sales and a lower customer acquisition cost.

Start guaranteeing conversions the second a user reaches your site. With our strategic blend of analytics, research, and unparalleled copywriting, let us ensure you don’t waste another marketing dollar ever.

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