What’s new in 1.8.20?

Happy almost-Thanksgiving, Sprwt followers! 

It’s a busy time of year for everyone, including us. We’ve been working tirelessly to perfect our Root Planner software, which we can’t wait to release more updates about in the very near-future. But we’ve also been busy refining the main Sprwt software, and continuously rolling out updates to polish your user experience and maximize customer satisfaction. 

So now it’s time for 1.8.20, and we know you’re gonna love it

1. Subscription Reorder

First up – you can now add the ability for customers to lock their meals within a subscription, so they can always order the same stuff. Remember, people are lazy – they don’t want to keep re-selecting the same food for their subscription. After all, the whole point of a subscription is to guarantee a low-maintenance, uber-convenient way to eat healthy and delicious food every day, every week. 

2. Diet Preference Reorder and Gift Card Update

As you know, we’re all about giving your customers as many options and flexibility as possible – but in a way that doesn’t create a headache for your admin. It’s not enough for customers to be able to input diet preferences – why not give them more control, especially if it’ll boost their loyalty? Customers can now select how their diet preferences are filtered on their profile. 

So what’s in it for you guys? When it comes to gift cards, we’re giving you the ability to refund or cancel these if necessary. More control for the admin, more peace of mind. 

3. Trim Calculation Improvement

Last but not least, we’re improving and expanding our trim calculations system. Recall that our trim calculator tells you how much of an ingredient you need to purchase that loses weight during the cooking process. Now, these trim calculations will pull from an ingredient into a sub-recipe. This way you can ensure you are always getting the exact amount of food purchased for your kitchen.

Have another way for us to improve your Sprwt experience? Don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re constantly building and rebuilding and designing and redesigning until we provide exactly what you need for your meal-pre pbusienss.

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