What’s New in V1.11

Good news! We have made some exciting Sprwt updates and we cannot wait to share what V1.11 has in store for you. Get ready for plenty of fixes and new features that are sure to make your life — and the lives of your customers — a whole lot easier.

Gone are the days when handling your user subscriptions means endlessly scrolling through lists and lists of information. With a cleaner and more organized layout, we have made it easier for you to navigate your customers’ subscriptions.

Want to track when your customers make a purchase? Well, now you can send us a conversion script and we’ll notify you as soon as they are taken to the thank you page. We’ve also improved the user experience and interface of creating subscriptions. Now your customers will no longer have to go to a separate page to create a subscription. Instead, they’ll be able to do so from a popup which will decrease the time they spend on this process. Sprwt will also start automatically charging unpaid service and processing fees. 

Are you tired of having to break the news to your customers that they need to wait to receive their order? Our new Grab & Go system will take care of this for you. We’ve made some exciting changes to our wholesale and retail system that will allow your customers to order their items online and pick them up on the same day. 

Be on the lookout for a fun new ingredient layout that will be coming in the near future, as well as more minor updates to the site and bug fixes. 

New to Sprwt? Don’t hesitate to LEARN MORE about us by booking a demo with one of our agents. Or if you’re a seasoned Sprwt user, maybe you’re ready for a fresh update– especially now that you know about our content management system. Click here to book a demo today! And, check out our customer testimonials to get a glimpse of your future success with Sprwt.