Sprwt Cart V2.0

What’s New in V1.10 – Cart Refactor

This previous year has demanded a lot of change in the food industry and like all businesses, we had to adapt. As the year progressed and we adjusted to a new normal, we learned from both new and old clients a lot about what we were missing. This year was the year we wanted to improve our system with some major features, and so we introduce to you Sprwt Cart 2.0.

Sprwt Pages CMS

Your brand defines you. The first thing your customers see on your website  is a representation of who you are and what your offer is. So it makes sense that as a business, you should have control over what your site looks like. By mid-March 2021, all of our users will be updated to V1.9, which gives them the ability to change the text on any ordering pages and the CMS system.

Tips & Service Fees

2021 taught us two very important lessons: never underestimate anyone and appreciate what others do for you. Several of our clients requested the ability to allow their customers to tip their drivers — and for good reason, they deserve it! We decided to take it one step further and introduce a service fee that can be applied to every checkout. By the end of March 2021, you will be able to charge a service fee for your clients separate of a delivery or one time fee. This charge will be up to $1.50 per transaction. The purpose of this fee will allow us to continue accelerating our growth and adding new features to our platform for the benefit of you, your clients and your business. 

Wholesale Menu and Discount Percentages
Are you working with any gyms and would like them to become a wholesale buyer. With the new cart-refactor we are working on launching a whole new way to work with your vendors. Wholesalers will now have access to a restricted private menu that you create exclusively for them. These wholesalers will be able to purchase meals at a fixed discounted percentage from your normal retail price. You’ll be able to track inventory and stock, manage order fulfilment, and more. This feature is set to launch in mid-April.

Sprwt Email Marketing 

One of our biggest focal points this year was to improve our marketing capabilities. With this email marketing feature, c Finally, you have full-control over what emails are sent to whom and most importantly when. Our goal is to launch this feature by the beginning of May 2021. If you have any ideas on how to improve this concept, please let us know!


We believe this is going to be the biggest feature request of all: the ability to checkout as your customer. We are finally removing the unnecessary need to change a customer password or place an order on your admin account to help a customer. As an admin, you will finally be able to go through the entire checkout process and simply select the customer you want to complete the order on their behalf. It’s simple, efficient, and will guarantee your customers a better user experience. Need we say more? Our goal is to give this feature to everyone by June 2021.

Affiliate Marketing

Almost every one of our clients has asked for us to improve our referral program; some even asked us to build a more comprehensive affiliate program. So we decided that with the Cart 2.0, it was finally time for us to take action. A detailed report will now give you the ability to track what to pay whom and how much. But you deserve more than that — we’re creating a system that will allow you to create tiered payouts. Let’s say I, as an affiliate, bring you 10 clients today and you want to give me 5% of the revenue, if I do nothing more than that, should I still get 10% in 6 months.*** Well, that choice is up to you as the owner. You can create tiered systems where, for instance, I get 5% in 6 months, and in 18 months that rate is reduced to 2%. 

Additional Ordering Menu, Grab and Go, POS

These new features are the epitome of what we want to bring to the market. A new ordering system for anyone who wants to sell miscellaneous items, whether it be catering items, another a la carte page, or whatever. We will also finally launch Grab and Go 2.0, giving your customers the ability to order online and pick up in a retail location, as well as  the Sprwt POS system. The POS system is meant to perfect the restaurant relationship between ordering online and ordering in a brick and mortar location. Customer data will be synchronized across all commerce platforms and give you the necessary data to grow your business and manage your kitchen operations. 

If you have any questions, we want to hear from you and assist you with understanding our company’s road map and future. Please feel free to schedule a meeting with one of our sales representatives at any tim