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Sprwt was started in a small village in Europe in 2016. Many years ago, we were tasked with creating a system for a startup looking to bring healthy meal delivery to Europe. What we didn't know then was the market was not ready. We came back to South Florida with a software platform in hand thinking no one would ever want meal prep delivery software. What were we going to do with all this code? We were so wrong.
A few months passed, and the Slickview development team began working on a prototype that would work in the US Markets. Michael, the Founder of Sprwt and Rui, the co-founder, the two set off to sign Sprwt's initial clients. To their complete disbelief, after just 2 days 4 companies wanted the system, but with a catch... at least 50+ features.
And that's how we started. 4 companies told us exactly what system they would need for a software were to be functional. So, we set off building what a meal prep company needed to run their business. Our philosophy hasn't changed since.
We work with everyone in the process from chefs to delivery drivers and baggage minions to store managers. We've always believed we need to build a product that works for everyone not just the owner. Many years later and here we are today. We have the most efficient and effective meal prep software platform on the market.
If you think we don't and we're missing something. TELL US! We seriously want to know. We'll build it. As we always say, "if it's something that would help you. It will probably help someone else."