Customizable Labels, Order Minimums, and More!

Here at Sprwt, we’re always looking for ways to make your lives easier. As a top meal prep delivery ERP, we want you to know that we’re listening to your suggestions and catering our services exactly to your needs. That being said, we’re excited to announce several new additions to the Sprwt software and team!

First of all, we have improved our labels with the option of customization. We understand that while the ability to generate labels automatically based on customer orders maximized efficiency, our clients also need the flexibility to make certain modifications. Maybe you’ve seen the “premium” label we offered and wondered why you couldn’t change it. Now, there’s nothing preventing you from changing “premium” to, say, “organic,” “vegan,” or maybe “bestseller.” You can even change the label’s color to ensure it aligns with your brand and needs. We are aware that customer preferences can shift, and that partnerships with food companies may necessitate customization.  Of course, some clients don’t need the option of customization, so the automatic label generation remains available. On your admin dashboard, go to settings, then configurations, and then click the label tab to check out how you can customize your meal labels!

So, we’re committed to ensuring that you can select as much automation or customization as you desire. It’s a balancing act between expanding customer preferences and guaranteeing the maximum convenience for clients. We’ve listened to your requests, and in our next software update, we’re finally going to incorporate order minimums when customers order à la carte. We know that no one wants to drive 20 miles to deliver a single meal, and no one wants to go through the effort of placing an order only to be told that their order can’t be completed. The goal is to foster transparency between our clients and their customers—as well as optimal convenience for both parties. Go to your account and go to the admin dashboard > business settings to see how you can create an order minimum that fits both your needs and that of your customers. 

 We’re not only working on how to streamline your business operations with new software features. As a top meal prep delivery ERP system, we also understand that digital marketing is the name of the game for growth and impact. After all, giving your customers more options is one thing; communicating that development in a compelling and accessible way to a targeted audience is another. We’re becoming experts in this field, firstly by expanding our team. Sprwt will be poised to provide unparalleled expertise in social media management, including Facebook advertising and marketing, Google ads, and more. Visit Calendly.com/sprwt/marketing to schedule a call with us to hear a more in-depth interview about our marketing services.