What’s a meal prep delivery ERP?

What’s an ERP, specifically in the meal prep delivery industry? Why should it matter to you and your company’s success?

ERP stands for enterprise resource planning, and refers to a software that integrates multiple business processes, enabling the flow of data between them. In other words, there is one database where all of your information can be accessed. 

Sprwt is a meal prep delivery ERP: it is a system that automates everything a meal prep company needs to run their operations in one place, on one platform. From inventory management, customer orders and information, menus, cooking reports, fulfillment reports for delivery and label creation, sales and tax reports, and even marketing assistance – being a meal prep delivery ERP means that Sprwt does it all. 

But why is this valuable, or even necessary? What happens in the absence of an ERP? Our clients come to us because they’ve been manually inputting customer information and orders in excel spreadsheets – a long, tedious process. They were struggling to accurately predict just how much food they needed in a given week, and often ended up with too much or little food. Inevitably, they would miss an order or ingredient more than once. And, of course, they weren’t the only ones struggling – their customers couldn’t easily order, modify their preferences and allergies, and know exactly when their deliveries were coming. 

Fortunately, each of our clients realized that it’s not sustainable to be the shopper, chef, delivery driver, customer support agent, and web developer all at once. Using separate softwares for each of these tasks was equally unmanageable. So they came to the top meal prep delivery ERP: Sprwt.  

We strike the ideal balance between automation and customization, allowing peace of mind and flexibility for clients and customers alike. You’ll be permanently free from long excel sheets and manual tasks, while simultaneously giving customers the ability to customize their meals with more options than ever before. In one breath, you’ll have real-time reports for your inventory, recipes, nutritional data, fulfillment, sales, taxes, and more. 

Sign up for a demo today at www.sprwt.io to learn more – trust us, your company can’t wait any longer to use a meal prep delivery ERP like Sprwt.