How Catering Management Software can help your business become more efficient and profitable

Let’s face it. In the catering world, gone are the days of managing your catering business using pen and paper. These days, even Excel or Microsoft Office aren’t enough to keep up with your competitors in the catering business. 

If catering businesses want to stay competitive they need to both get their business online as well as use catering business software. Using catering management software can help you run your business with less hassle, clutter, and stress.

Here is how catering management software can help your business.

It Gets You Online

We are living in the age of the internet and your customers are waiting for you online. If your catering company doesn’t have a website yet, you need to get one as soon as you can.

One way that catering software can help your business is to help you set up a website. For example, Sprwt Catering includes a website builder in its suite of features. If you have no idea how to build a website their support staff will even help you get your catering business online.

Already have a basic website? Catering management software like Sprwt Catering is plug-and-play, making it easy to just add a full-blown online ordering system to an already existing catering website. 

It Saves You Time

Catering management software can take some time to setup if you don’t know what you’re doing. Luckily, many catering software providers have a full-service support team to help and train you, getting your catering management system up and running in no time.

Another way catering management software saves you time is with automation. Catering business software can automate a lot of processes in your business. Sprwt Catering’s automatic production reports, for example, allow you to automate your kitchen processes instantly. As customers place orders, you receive real-time reports such as orders to deliver, what ingredients you need to buy, and more.

It Saves You Money

Catering software is also really helpful in cutting down costs. With automatic reports like giving you a grocery list of the exact ingredients needed to cook ordered meals, you can get reliable estimates that keep you in budget. 

With an online ordering platform, your employees won’t have to take a menu to the customer. You set the menu and all’s done. Customers will know just what they are getting from your catering business. This is especially true with Sprwt Catering’s Dynamic Meal Recipe Builder™ which shows customers all the necessary meal info they need.

It Creates a Better Customer Experience

The better customer experience you give to your customers, the better the chances that that client works with you again and suggests your catering company to their friends. Give customers an amazing customer experience and your business and brand will grow.

How does catering business software improve your customer experience? In many ways from beginning to end. Catering software helps your catering company to send awesome proposals to potential clients. By having pre-created menu when your client asks for a quote, all you’ll need to do is click. The catering software automatically creates a list of menus and their prices. 

Once you’ve landed the catering gig and the clients is placing orders, your catering management software is helping as well. The catering software helps you to take event orders easily. If you use Sprwt Catering your customers will even be able to order online! 

Extra requests are easy for you to handle since your catering software makes it easy for you to add new information to a client record.

By helping you to cater an event with ease and precision, catering management software allows you to offer a better customer experience.

How does a catering management system make running an event easier for you? Let’s have a look.

It Makes Food and Event Management Easier

One of the biggest benefits that catering software provides to your catering company is how it helps you to plan, and organize events faster. This benefit extends to both big and small events.

Smart catering management software allows you to easily track event and food management. Automated report on what to cook for the event? Done. Automatic grocery list of what ingredients to buy based on meals ordered? Can do. A report on the event details? Right there for you to make the best plans.

These features make catering a client’s event much easier and smoother for you. Luckily Sprwt Catering has all these features, tools, and more such as its Dynamic Meal Recipe Builder™.

It Makes Your Business Mobile-Friendly

As a caterer, you are always on the move, going from event to event, supplier to supplier, and client to client. Carrying all you paper work with you would be impossible. Carrying an extra computer with you would be annoying.

Well, with catering software you can go mobile. No need to lug suitcases full of documents with you. Or keep a heavy laptop handy in your backpack. Good catering management software can be used and accessed anywhere, anytime. 

Many of the best catering softwares like Sprwt Catering allows you to go mobile by having the software run on the web. This means you can access your catering management system from anywhere, on any device. 

You can manage your catering company from the comfort of your smartphone via any web browser.

It Helps Keep Your Finances On Track

You’re a caterer and business owner, not an accountant. Keeping track of all the financial aspects of your catering business is probably a small nightmare. But with a catering management system, the financial side of your catering business becomes a breeze.

Catering software keeps track of all your business data and is able to automatically produce reports for you. You can get cost reports, payment histories, and receivables.

Catering software also makes it easier invoice clients and keep track of clients that have paid and not paid yet.

Catering software makes running your catering business easier and more convenient. Using a catering management system helps your catering business to grow. Sprwt Catering offers all the features and benefits mentioned above and more. 

If you are interested in learning more about how Sprwt Catering can help your business, Schedule a demo to get a free consultation on how we can help you scale your catering business with Sprwt!