What Are Influencers and How Can They Help Your Meal Prep Business?

With everyone stuck at home due to the ongoing pandemic, the internet and its communities have been thriving. True enough, reports show that Instagram usage has seen a 15% increase since March, with other platforms like TikTok and Twitter not too far behind. For this reason, it’s a great time to boost your business’ marketing strategies, and one way to do this is through social media influencers.

Contrary to what you might see on your feeds, influencers are more than just endorsers for your brand. From consulting to content creation, here are four ways influencers can help your meal plan business.

Providing expertise

It’s no big secret that the majority of marketing has gone digital. In fact, Maryville University’s overview of digital media calls visual communication not just the future but the present too, due to “new technological developments and burgeoning aesthetic sensibilities”. This proves that if you want to reach your audience, the best way to find them is online. And if there’s one sector that knows how to tap into their audiences, it’s influencers. An article on Addicted to Success cites the many marketing aspects that successful influencers deal with, including: content creation, scheduling, as well as hashtags and SEO. And since they post often, they’re always up-to-date with the current trends. If your meal prep business is having trouble navigating the social media landscape, then consider enlisting the help of influencers, especially since a number of them already offer consulting services.
Reaching your target audience

As mentioned, influencers have large followings that you can use to communicate directly with your target audience. In a previous post, one of our ‘5 Tips to Grow Your Meal Prep Delivery Business’ includes getting the word out, and this is something influencers already do for brands on a regular basis—be it paid or not. You want to look into names whose niche is related to food, nutrition, fitness, or cooking. Below are a couple of examples.

Image Credit: Erin Romeo

This is Erin Romeo, a nutrition coach with nearly 50,000 followers. Not only is she an author of her own meal prep guidebook, but she also sprinkles her page with family content and other light, fun lifestyle bits.

Image Credit: Dorie Greenspan

You can also tap into food bloggers like Dorie Greenspan, who has over 90,000 followers on Instagram. Greenspan is also an award-winning author and a New York Times food columnist, so you can be sure that she’s an authority when it comes to all things culinary.

The best thing about influencer marketing is that the audience is already there. All you need to do now is advertise your products or service through their page, while giving them the creative freedom to do it in ways that truly resonate.

Affordable marketing

Besides helping you reach your target audience, influencer marketing is also one of the more affordable options at this time. According to a collaborative study by Later and Fohr, over 40% of influencers are reducing their rates by an average of 30% to make their services more accessible. And with limited face-to-face contact and delivery options available, approaching influencers is indeed an effective marketing strategy.

Inspiring content

Whether it’s for a blog post or an ad on your account, influencers are a great inspiration in creating enriching and value-adding content. For instance, you can take your cue from food photographers like Sarah Brunella. Unlike other influencers, her posts are more curated and on the artistic side, thanks to her distinct photographic skills. With over 110,000 followers to date, you can tell that her strategy is indeed effective.

Image Credit: Sarah Brunella

Here’s another example from Indonesian chef and influencer Ignatius Gordy, who has a modest following of 14,000. From his page, however, you can see that his followers are invested in what he does, resulting in high engagement rates.

Credit Image: Ignatius Gordy

Influencers know all the best social media practices—from how they shoot their content, to what captions they use. As such, keeping them on your radar can help you generate ideas of your own.

Influencers have a lot to offer, especially during this time of the health crisis when people are constantly looking for beautiful content to de-stress. They have solid followings, can make appetizing content, and are accessible. We highly recommend considering their services moving forward.

Article specially written for sprwt.io

By Alessandra Mitchell