New Look, Who Dis?

We know that your customers crave efficiency in the meal order and delivery process – that’s why they’ve selected your business, and that’s what we’re here to help with. They don’t have a minute to spare when it comes to selecting the correct order date and the number of meal packs, whether manually or randomly. 

We looked at the data, and customers were spending too much time scrolling. If they wanted to select more than one combo, they had to exert unnecessary energy scrolling up and down, in case they forgot the first combo they’d ordered, or wanted to compare total calories in their different combos. It was only making their lives harder, and yours too. 

So, we made a simple design change. We condensed the available options in order to reduce the negative white space, making life easier for your customers. Now, instead of having to scroll to view your different selections, we placed them in columns next to one another. They can look at their selections side-by-side, wasting no energy nor a moment of time.

The best news? Everyone has access to this feature with the 1.8 update. Simply select “Meal Packs” under the “Order” tab to enjoy this new feature. Your customers will thank you, we promise. 

Visit our website Sprwt.io and check out this change yourself!