Introducing the Root Planner

We have an exciting addition to the Sprwt software ready to be released in just about a week. But we just can’t wait any longer to tell you about it. Soooo… introducing: the ROOT PLANNER. Get it? Root, as in route.

That’s right – now we have an additional software designed to optimize your delivery management by automatically calculating the most efficient routes for your drivers. If you have 200 orders to deliver and 5 active drivers, how will you know the best way to designate certain meals to certain drivers? Sure, according to your customers’ locations, but that’s a lot of manual work to do. You’re likely to lose a ton of time just planning the routes out, and it’s doubtful your drivers will know the quickest way to get to their respective destinations. The end result, of course, is customers waiting far longer than they should for your delicious food. 

Our Philosophy

Sprwt’s mission is to create a one-shop stop for meal prep businesses – a place where all of their business operations can be executed in one place. And with the Sprwt Root Planner, you can save 80% of your time. Best of all, any business relying on delivery management can use the Sprwt Root Planner. Maybe you’re a flower shop, or a dry cleaning company. Our software works no matter what you’re selling, so dive right in. 

Let’s Get Started

But how exactly does this work? Well, we don’t want to overwhelm you with all the details right now. But just know that the software is incredibly simple, and for now, can be broken down into these two steps:

1. Create your account, and you’ll see a dashboard tab with your map, routes, and orders. First, you can input your orders and customer information either manually or by importing the data from a Sprwt or Excel file. Then, do the same to add your drivers, which can be easily found below the customers button. 

2. Once your orders, customers, and driver information are in the system, you simply return to the dashboard and select “routes.”  Select the date and which drivers are active, and voilà: the best routes for your drivers to take are automatically generated. And, once your routes are created, you can easily adjust them – whether you need to move and re-assign stops, or add last-minute orders. 

That’s all for now. But honestly, these two steps are only scratching the surface of the Root Planner’s capabilities. For a sneak peek (sorry, we can’t help ourselves), picture this: customer text notifications, edit driver zones, allow drivers to have individual accounts, multiple franchises, and more….

Check out our website to explore more at https://rootplanner.io/, or click https://calendly.com/sprwt/root?month=2021-01 to book a demo ASAP!

And while you’re at it, don’t forget to explore Sprwt’s plan options to see how you can take your meal prep business to the next level. We spell ut. the features under each plan clearly at http://sprwt.site/pricing/ , so you know exactly what you’re getting.

Looking for a feature you can’t find? Book a meeting at https://calendly.com/sprwt/demo/?month=2021-01 to let us know.