It’s official: the ROOT PLANNER is LIVE

Are you ready to start saving 80% of your time?

About two months ago, we introduced the Root Planner, an additional Sprwt software designed to optimize your delivery management by automatically calculating the most efficient routes for your drivers.

Now, we couldn’t be more excited to announce that the Root Planner is OFFICIALLY LIVE!

Say goodbye to the days of manually mapping routes and sending drivers with the wrong meals to the wrong houses, and the days of making your customers wait endlessly for their deliveries without any updates.

It’s taken a long time to perfect this software to suit your diverse range of needs, and to ensure your customers’ satisfaction is higher than ever before. So what’s special about the Root Planner?

Yes, Sprwt is all about meal-prep. And so is the Root Planner…plus a million more things. You might be a flower delivery company, HVAC, e-commerce, cleaning services, or deliver healthcare products. Any company who delivers absolutely needs the Root Planner. And here’s why.

Why Choose Root Planner?

No one should be manually creating their driver routes, digging through pages of Excel documents. No one should be fielding phone calls from unhappy customers with late or missing deliveries, or from drivers who are lost or stuck in hours of traffic.

The Root Planner covers it all. Imagine everything integrated into a single platform. Uploading orders, automatic and manual route-planning, driver management, customer notifications, calculating driver salaries, vehicle tax deductions, and more.

Have 100 orders and to deliver and 6 active drivers? Use the Root Planner to automatically plan the optimal routes according to driver availability, zone restrictions, order priorities, traffic, and more, with the click of a button. Need to make a quick adjustment to your route because one order became a priority? Easy: simply drag and drop. Need to add a last minute order? Don’t think twice! Want to notify your customer of a slight ETA change? Done, without any work on your end. Want to calculate your drivers’ salaries accurately and quickly, including overtime? No more manual math necessary!

With the Root Planner, you’ll have more options than ever before WHILE saving 80% of your time.

Productivity. Efficiency. Optimization. Customization. Flexibility. These are just a few values upon which the Root Planner is firmly founded.

How do I get started?

Go to https://rootplanner.io/ to check us out. There, you can explore the website for yourself, and simply click “Book a Demo” or “Register” in the upper right corner. Or, just sign up at https://calendly.com/sprwt/root?month=2021-01 to learn more details from one of our trusty agents, who will walk you through every single step.

In the upcoming weeks, we’ll be sharing even more details about the dozens of features that the Root Planner has to offer.