What’s New in 1.8.29?

With the excitement around the Root Planner coming out, we don’t want you to think we’ve stopped working equally as hard on Sprwt! You know our philosophy by now – whatever you need, we build it.  And even better, as often as possible, we anticipate what you need, before you even know you need it.  

As part of 1.8.29, we have several updates to share with you. Let’s dive in!

1. Allow Direct Cancel on Subscriptions

Sprwt has heard your complaints and we’ve worked quickly to make improvements. Now your customers can cancel their subscriptions easily with the click of a button. Simply go to your subscription dashboard from the profile page and click cancel subscription. That’s it. Their plan has changed from automatic renewal to manual and will no longer be charged.

Watch the two videos below to see exactly how your customers can cancel their subscriptions, and then from the admin side, how you can easily make this happen.

Note: Want your customers to work a little before they cancel?

We’re building a cancellation flow that will prompt your users to go through some steps and along the way get some bonus incentives to stay subscribed. This helps you as a business retain customers… think Hulu! They own the cancellation flow design.

2. Option to Add Header Image on Module Pages

When it comes to your website design, we want to make your lives as easy as possible. We’re here to be your web designers, creating templates that perfectly meet your client needs  and boost user engagement and experience. But we also trust that you know what’s best, and therefore want to give you the freedom to make as many changes as you desire when customizing your website. 

So now, on your order module pages, you can add a header image just to give your customers a taste of what’s coming. 

3. Allow Custom How To Videos on Order Modules 

To a first-timer or even seasoned customer, it can get overwhelming to choose between the many ordering modules Sprwt makes available: from A La Carte, to Meal Packs, to By the Poud…

Want to make sure your customers are 100% clear on how to order from and navigate your site, as seamlessly as possible? With our website, we can guarantee that. But, of course, there are always ways to further enhance user experience. 

So what about inserting how-to videos to visually demonstrate exactly how to make use of your various ordering modules? That’s exactly what you can do now in 1.8.29. Stop frustrated phone calls and emails from customers who just don’t understand which module they should select. Everyone wins!

If you’re new to Sprwt, don’t hesitate to LEARN MORE about us by booking a demo with one of our agents. Or maybe you’re ready to update your Sprwt software to the next level. Click here https://calendly.com/sprwt/demo/?month=2021-01 to book a demo today!

And, check out our customer testimonials at http://sprwt.site/our-customers/ to get a glimpse of your future success with Sprwt.