Now Available: Reorder for Subscriptions

Do you have customers with subscriptions who want the same meals every week? We get it – some people crave structure and want the same delicious food on certain days of the week. Maybe you’re a big chicken person, but only on Mondays. Or maybe you just don’t have time to select your meals for the week, and would be satisfied with last week’s meals every week.

Before, customers couldn’t simply “reorder” their subscription. But now, they can easily have a subscription to the same meals every week- all they’ll have to do is click “reorder.”

We are committed to making subscriptions as accessible as possible for your customers, because we understand that this is a swift, reliable way to increase sales. We know how to get them to commit to you and your meals – not just once, but every week. And above all, we recognize that your top priority will always be your customers’ needs. So, whatever they need, we’ll build.

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