Use Sprwt to Text your Customers

With Sprwt’s many, many features designed to help maximize your business’s impact and success, it can be hard to keep track of exactly what tools our software offers. Plus, we’re frequently adding new features to fit your administrative and customer needs. It’s our job to make sure you have a nuanced understanding of the many opportunities available to you as a user of Sprwt, so that you can have the most optimal experience.

Did you know, for instance, about our SMS platform offered in each of our four plans? Want to capture your customer’s attention ASAP? Shoot them a text! Let’s be honest – our phones are by our side all the time, and we’re likely to open our text messages long before we scroll through our many unopened emails. In fact, it’s pretty hard to ignore the allure of a “new imessage” notification. Of course, you can and should continue to send emails, too, but why not maximize customer communication on multiple platforms?

Say you want to notify a customer about any news related to your business. Maybe you’re opening an extra day for meal pick-up this week, or maybe you’ve made an update to your new menu. With Sprwt’s many features and frequent additions, you’re likely to need to update your customers on the many ways in which they can optimize their user experience and customize their weekly meal orders. But there’s no need to dedicate an entire email to a one-line update – boost your chances of actually securing your customer’s attention, and shoot them a quick text. We’ll help you send messages that are easy to absorb and hard to miss.

And, with our Root Planner, you can even automatically text your customers updates on estimated times of arrival, rather than having your drivers manually text each customer.

Not only that, but we’re looking to add a new feature to automate text messaging so that you can have the same message sent every week. This feature was quoted at $1250 and would take us 2 weeks to develop and implement in the next sprint. If you’d like this feature and want to have access to it, please help us build it by contributing to the total project cost. If we can’t raise the total amount, we will develop this feature in a future sprint.