Advanced Sales Reports

Data. Data. Data. These are the most important things a business needs to scale, optimize, and manage an online business. After speaking with several of our customers and getting massively important feedback we’ve made some amazing changes to our sales report and will continue to do so in the coming months as we launch new features and analytic datasets.

Looking to see what ordering system is selling the most? We’ve got you covered. With 5 different ways a customer can order, it can be rather daunting to understand which is performing best and knowing where to put your marketing efforts into. Our new sales report give you detailed reports than can be exported on all your sales parameters: from A la Carte meals, Subscription Plans, Meal Packs, By the Pound, or Custom Meal.

We’ve added detailed Pickup Report to show you what locations are producing the most revenue. We’ve added a new Reseller Payout Feature which is avialable in the Base Plan or Pro Plan so you can track a Payout Percentage to distribute to pickup location owners. Imagine the following scenario, you go to your local gym and negotiate that 5% of all sales revenue from orders delivered to that location go to the store. With our system you can automatically track this data and give reports to these store owners. This incentivizes them to help you grow, because as you increase sales they get an additional residual income. 

Tax season was just around the corner and we knew how important it was to calculate all your sales, shipping costs, food costs, and more. That is why we worked diligently to get all this important information your way. Track coupon usage, new customer signups, new subscription signs ups, and much more with our new looks.

After we launched our SMS System a lot of customers were curious how effective their text campaigns actually were. We created a new dashboard system to show just that. Track how much your spending, how many messages were sent, how many calls were made, and more!

But that’s not all. Coming soon we want to provide retail data to all of our clients utilizing our Point-of-Sale (POS) system. Identify which locations are performing best, what meals are selling out the most, and more with our advanced Retail Sales Report.