3 Hacks to Help you Save Money in Your Meal Prep Delivery Business

There are always ways to save some cash, here are a few ideas you probably don’t have enough time to think about:

Track your pantry: You wake up Saturday and you have 300 orders to deliver this week, where do you start? What is the actual amount of protein do you need to purchase to consider cooking losses and provide your customers with accurate servings. With Sprwt you have access to real-time data telling you exactly what you need for each recipe including your Trim Percentage so your customers always get the 4oz portion, No Matter What.

Share your kitchen: Does your chef come in only one day per week, or even two? That’s a lot of time where your actual kitchen doesn’t need to be used. Rent it out! Make some cash back by sharing the space with a catering company.

Utilize Data: Are you putting work and effort in meals that aren’t getting a return? What about marketing? It’s important to go over data that you have so that you can use it! Cut out practices that aren’t working and double down on efforts where you see good results. With Sprwt’s analytic add-on feature (just $75/mos.) you get access to every sale metric possible. You can track what meals are selling the least, what ordering systems your customers are using the most, and what plans are generating the most returns. With advertising you can track conversions, call metrics, and custom events so you know you’re getting a positive ROI with Sprwt.

Article specially written for sprwt.io

By Gila Bard-Wigdor