How does our simplified ordering increase revenue?

We understand that if a page is taking too long to load, or if customers can’t easily navigate through the different tabs to order, they’re likely to just give up and abandon their orders. With this in mind, we design everything about your website – especially the ordering system – to be as user-friendly as possible, minimizing customer drop-off and cart abandonment. 

After clicking “order,” all your customer has to do is select their desired ordering system, the date(s), go to cart, select delivery or pickup, and finally, input billing information (unless, of course, they have a subscription). Only four quick steps. 

We’re always assessing our site, listening to your feedback, and making meaningful improvements. Have you ever had a frustrated customer forget to click “agree to terms” and then the system erases their progress, forcing them to start the order process from step 1? Looking at our data, we realized that this technical glitch leads to more abandoned carts, unhappy customers, and fewer sales. So, we made a few quick design changes and cart improvements to solve the problem. 

In Update 1.8, our team also made a critical design change when we realized that your customers were spending too much time scrolling. They had to exert unnecessary energy scrolling up and down, in case they forgot the first combo they ordered, or wanted to compare total calories in their different combos. It was only making their lives harder, and yours too. The solution? Simply condense the available options to reduce negative white space, and place the selections side-by-side in columns next to one another. 

These examples are only scratching the surface of Sprwt’s efforts to maximize your revenue by transforming the customer experience. We’ve even added features like auto-apply coupons and re-order for subscription to make the ordering process as seamless and hands-free as possible. If you want your customers to keep ordering, don’t make it harder for them than it needs to be! 

We understand the strategic design decisions crucial for allowing customers to order in seconds and to that end, increasing revenue. The only worry your users should have? Deciding among a large selection of your nutritious and delectable meals. And that’s what we’re here to do – make you and your kitchen shine.