Transform your customer experience & increase revenue with Sprwt

With Sprwt, your customers will have more options that ever before when it comes to ordering their meals. A navigable interface allows them to decide which ordering system they desire, exactly what meals and portion sizes, delivery or pickup, and much, much more. Customers even have the option to input their allergies, dislikes, and diet preferences into their profiles. When they add their desired meals, the system automatically incorporates this data. 

Many of our clients aim to empower their customers to take control of their lives with healthy eating. To that end, as part of our Bloom and Orchard Plans, customers can utilize a macro-nutrition calculator to track exactly what they are eating: from proteins to carbs to zinc. 

We want you to know more about your customers than simply their diet preferences. In their profiles, under the identity tab, they can add their name, phone, email, and birthday. We offer birthday rewards, so an amount of store credit is added to the user’s balance on their birthday each year!

In addition to the birthday rewards, customers can accrue credits through our loyalty program, referral system, and gift cards. But where do these credits go? Enter: the digital wallet, also located in the identity tab. This is a feature included in the Bloom Plan, or can be upgraded with the Marketing Hub add-on. The digital wallet is a “bank” that stores credits customers can use during the checkout process. You can manually add or remove a customer’s digital wallet balance at any time.

The goal is for customers to feel a personal touch when they order from your company – to feel that their specific needs are being accounted for. With customizable profiles, we allow you to know your customers in more depth than ever before. And we provide the chance for you to leverage these personal connections to reward and incentivize customers every step of the way. 

No matter how large your clientele is, there will be no more vague references to “customers” – rather, you’ll be referring to Sally and her dairy allergy, to the Clarke family’s affinity for chocolate dessert, and more. And best of all, when your customers feel personally taken care of, they’re going to come back again and again.