Stripe’s New Update to Reduce Chargebacks

Chargebacks are a real pain, but Stripe’s new update helps you and your customers out!

Picture this: a customer gets their bank statement but some of the charges on the statement don’t have all the information they need about some of the charges to their card. Not knowing what a charge is for they decide to ask their bank for a chargeback.

Meanwhile, for you the meal prep provider, all of a sudden that revenue you made is taken out of your pocket and you have to deal with a chargeback.

This is not only an inconvenience for your customer but is of course a big problem for you. It’s revenue you’re losing.

Luckily for both you and your customers, Stripe has issued an update to help everyone out!

Stripe now includes your company’s phone number on invoices and credit card statements. This means that when a customer sees a charge on their bank statement and they don’t know what the charge is for, they can call you to verify what it was for.

And when a customer knows what the charge is for, they are much less likely to ask for a chargeback.

Everybody wins!

Your customers get much-needed information about what charges they have and don’t have to go through the hassle of issuing a chargeback. And you don’t miss out on revenue with fewer chargebacks.