Here Are Four Reasons Why You Should Switch to Meal Prep Packages

It’s a Monday night and you’re on your way home from work. You’ve had a long day of meetings, your eyes burn from staring at a computer screen, and you haven’t eaten since you smeared jam on some toast and called it breakfast. Your stomach is rumbling and you can’t wait to get home and eat. As you turn the corner into your neighborhood, it occurs to you that you didn’t take out any beef for dinner, and you are all out of tomato sauce. In fact, the very idea of cooking a whole spaghetti meal seems so exhausting that you head straight into the parking lot of the nearest Burger King to grab something quick. It’s not really what you wanted, but at least it’s something.

The frustrating part of this unpleasant scenario is that it’s nearly impossible to win. Cooking at home means spending more of your time laboring away, and eating fast food is a cheap and easy fix, but will it truly satisfy your cravings? Wouldn’t life be simpler if you had a sweet, elderly neighbor to deliver plates of her most coveted dishes to your doorstep? Well, ordering Meal Prep packages is a lot like that. 

Throughout the pandemic, those who aren’t too savvy in the kitchen have had to adapt to the closing of their favorite restaurants, and many have turned to Meal Prep packages in lieu of home-cooking. The idea that you can still eat cost-friendly meals without having to sacrifice quality ingredients or cook the food yourself has taken hold of many busy individuals who need to eat but can’t find the time to cook. If you haven’t already hopped on the Meal Prep bandwagon, here are a few reasons why you should.

Explore Global Flavors

Let’s be honest. After a few weeks of rotating between five to ten dishes, the monotony of eating the same foods over and over again starts to kick in. Attempting a dish inspired by a country far away sounds like a good break in the boredom, but there is so much room for error. And how are you to know if the dish you’ve produced tastes anything like how it’s supposed to? 

Meal Prep packages are the perfect solution, as you can find food that’s made by people who are highly familiar with the cuisine of the country whose food you’d like to try. Even if you don’t have a particular nation in mind, Meal Prep packages will push you to step out of your comfort zone and try food you’ve never eaten before.

Save Money

How often do you buy fresh ingredients only for them to spoil a few days later? It may not seem like a huge loss in the moment, but the number of times you discard fresh produce will start to add up, only to send you back to the grocery store to buy the very food you’re throwing away. 

In fact, the amount of time you spend at the grocery store each week is probably enough to make you consider the many other tasks and chores you could be completing. Not to mention the time it takes to prepare and cook your food, plus the hassle of cleaning up afterwards. Ordering food from your favorite restaurant is a great option, but not too easy on the wallet. 

Signing up for a Meal Prep service only takes a few short moments to customize your menu for the week, and all you have to do is pick it up or wait for it to be delivered to your door. Stop worrying about the short shelf life of your romaine lettuce and order a fresh salad that you know for certain won’t be thrown in the trash.

Reduce Food Waste

With the throwing away of spoiled produce, unfortunately, comes your part in contributing to worldwide food waste. According to The UN Environment Programme, about one-third of the food made globally is wasted each year. Imagine the guilt you feel after throwing away an unsalvageable bag of spinach that you had forgotten to use a few weeks ago when you bought it. What about the burden of cooking more food than you and your family had anticipated? Do you throw the leftovers in the trash— or do you attempt to eat them throughout the next few days even though you already had that meal two nights in a row? Meal Prep services allow you to choose the just-right amount of food so that nothing goes to waste.

Eat Healthy, Fresh Foods

Relying on your local fast food chain is a convenient meal source, but it’s no secret that a Chicken Mcnugget contains way more than just chicken. According to an article by Christina Goyanes, there are more than twenty-five listed ingredients that comprise a McDonald’s classic, most of them with names that are unpronounceable. While there are options aside from McDonald’s, there is still no way of truly knowing what exactly is going into the fast food meal you’re consuming. 

Meal Prep packages, on the other hand, offer fresh ingredients that keep the wellness of your body in mind. When you order a chicken sandwich from a Meal Prep program, you’ll find that the only ingredients listed will be ones familiar to you.

If you’re fed up with cooking each night and don’t want to contaminate your body with chemicals and processed ingredients, Meal Prep packages might be a great option for you. So what are you waiting for? Start saving your money and being kind to your body— search for a Meal Prep option near you and discover the joy of flavors that can’t be crafted in your own kitchen.