The Million Dollar Spatula

Portion Control is Your Key to Success

The rubber spatula, known fondly by restaurant gurus as the million dollar tool, is used to scrape bowls and pans. Okay, so it doesn’t sound all that revolutionary. Then what makes it so special? 

Everyone knows that when you’re cooking, leftover food easily sticks to whatever container or bowl you’re using at the moment. And far too often, when you’re a busy chef, it’s easy to just throw those not-exactly-empty containers in the dishwasher without thinking twice. What are you gonna do with that extra morsel of rice or dressing remnants anyway?

The truth is….a lot. That stuff adds up. 

Think about it for a second. All the food remnants accumulating, from every dish you’ve ever used, every day, every year. Let’s quantify this.  

A 2018 report by Fast Company found that approximately one-third of the global food total supply ends up soiled, thrown out, or wasted. Plus, a report by Boston Consulting Group projected that by 2030, the world’s food loss and waste is projected to be about $1.2 trillion per year. 

That’s right. $1.2 trillion. And if you’re not actively taking steps to combat this problem, you’re contributing to an environmental crisis and losing money rapidly. 

We present to you the million dollar food spatula. Restaurants owners and managers have widely used this magical tool to significantly decrease their food waste. Oh, and they also save up to millions of dollars over time, just by taking those extra few seconds to scrape all the food out of a dish. 

Take it from Trusted CFO Solutions: 

“When you have this tool available in multiples and have it where it can be easily accessed…. you are effectively creating savings on costs. The last bits of food can be scooped with ease and measured for the correct portion by using this tool.” 

Okay, so we bought a few rubber spatulas – now what?

 Even with a bunch of rubber spatulas, there’s a ton you can and should be doing to minimize food waste and cut down your expenses. And Sprwt is here to help you. 

More often than not, when you’re manually managing daily orders and inventory lists, you’ll end up purchasing far more food than needed. And this isn’t food you can necessarily use for orders the following day – no, this food is headed straight for the garbage. 

Our clients have told us again and again that before Sprwt, they would glance at their daily orders and roughly estimate the quantities of ingredients needed. The result was waste, waste, and more waste. And scaling the ingredients blindly like that, as any chef knows, will create unforgivable errors. 

At Sprwt, we refuse to accept this unsustainable way of food preparation. Once you’ve uploaded your recipe information and customers can order on your website, Sprwt automatically generates a series of reports designed to maximize accuracy and precision – and minimize food waste. 

What’s up with Trim Percentages? 

First of all, we have the inventory shopping list: a list of all the ingredients you need for the day, along with the amount of each needed, calculated from orders, recipe amounts, and trim percentages. The trim percentage is the amount of ingredient lost during the cooking process. This report also pulls from your ingredient page to provide the purchasing cost and vendor information, all categorized by ingredient category. 

Additionally, our cooking report provides the recipes for all purchases across the different ordering systems for that day, including the amount of each ingredient/sub-ingredient needed for each item, and for the day, as well as all prep information for both the meals and ingredients. Or, for a broader overview, check out our meals report for a high-level summary of all the meal variations you’ll need for the day, their quantities, and associated order numbers. We don’t do any rough estimates or careless calculations at Sprwt. Our innovative software is designed to prevent food waste altogether, ensuring you have only the exact quantities of food you need. But if there’s any extra scraps of food? Pull out one of those handy spatulas, and measure exactly what’s leftover.

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