What are your clients really looking for? Part 2!

What else is there to consider when you’re starting or simply  improving your meal-prep company? So far we’ve discussed the importance of quality of ingredients, variety and type of recipes, and cooking/assembly time. 

The article published in CulinaryNutrition.com “Meal Prep Services: Are They Worth It?” has several other invaluable tips. Keep reading for three more concrete elements of a successful meal-prep business: prep-time, cost, and serving sizes.

Prep Time, Cost, & Serving Sizes

4. Prep Time

One of the main reasons people subscribe to meal prep services is to reduce the amount of time it takes to cook a healthy meal. Too many people are convinced that eating delicious yet healthy, high-quality food is not only too expensive, but also far too time-consuming to prepare. Meal-prep companies everywhere aim to resist this narrative by offering pre-prepared or, at least, easy-to-make meals.

Are you going to sell packaged ingredients with specific cooking instructions, or pre-made meals that you can simply pop in the microwave? It depends on your clientele, of course. Some people are willing to sacrifice a little on quality by only wanting meals that can be microwaved. Others won’t mind a small amount of preparation to enjoy the meal they crave. 

5. Cost

For one person, a meal between $10-$14 may not be too much to consider. But when feeding a family of four and the bill jumps to $40-$56, then costs may be more of an issue. At the end of the day, it’s all about what the market will bear for the meal prep company, but any money that could have been saved by the meal prep company are profits lost. Additionally, due to market competition, meal prep operators need to be especially wise with the cost of ingredients and limiting waste.

At Sprwt, we allow meal-prep companies to offer a variety of ordering systems and meal plans, ensuring that their customers have dozens of choices when it comes to selecting meals that suit their health needs and financial constraints. Want to choose one individual meal? Go for a la carte. Want to purchase a specific ingredient in bulk quantities? By the pound is the option for you. Looking to commit to a subscription? That’s an option, too. 

6. Serving Sizes

Serving sizes are generally standard in meal prep, but in some cases there are options for larger portions. This is especially relevant for family-sized options. It’s crucial, again, to understand your target market (families? individuals?) and their serving size preferences in order to cater your options accordingly. Plus, if the customer doesn’t think they are getting enough for what they are paying, they’ll find another provider.

That’s all for today, but be on the lookout for our third blog in this series, where we wrap up and expand upon the tips Culinary Nutrition offers.

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