What are your clients really looking for?

Are you taking into consideration all of the aspects potential clients seek in a meal prep company?

A recent article published in CulinaryNutrition.com “Meal Prep Services: Are They Worth It?” offers 9 different suggestions customers should consider when selecting a meal prep company.  The list is quite exhaustive, but if you run a meal prep company (or are considering starting one) having a firm grasp on what potential clients are pondering can save a lot of headaches.  At a minimum, this list provides a good checklist to consider.

1. Quality of Ingredients

Not surprisingly, the first is the quality of ingredients.  The reason many customers choose meal prep is to eat healthier.  The challenge for meal prep companies is to not only utilize quality ingredients, but also to effectively communicate with customers the level of quality they are using.  Inevitably, it can be difficult to source high quality ingredients at affordable prices.  But above  all, if a meal prep company can’t adequately communicate the quality of their ingredients, then customers can’t see the value in paying for meal prep services.

2. Variety

Second is variety / types of recipes.  Many customers sign up for meal prep as a subscription service, so if the meal prep company doesn’t have a variety of options, the customers will tire of the same meals week in and week out.  Yes, this might require a good deal of creativity and innovation – but even simple tweaks to basic recipes can fulfill a diversity of appetite. On top of that, nearly all customers have dietary restrictions and preferences, so if the meal prep company cannot take those variables into account, customers will take their business elsewhere. If you want to boost sales and customer satisfaction, you’ll have to be willing to at least consider modifying your recipes to be gluten-free, nut-free, etc….

3. Cooking/Assembly Time

Third is cooking / assembly time.  Consumers choose meal prep not to just eat healthier without sacrificing convenience. They’re paying you so that they don’t have to prep the meals themselves. Most meal prep options are pre-cooked and just require re-heating, but there are providers that simply supply the ingredients and provide an accessible recipe for the consumer to assemble and cook (Blue Apron, Hello Fresh..). Understanding who your target customer is and their threshold for cooking can help determine exactly how a meal prep company should market itself.

These are only three things you should closely consider when building and expanding your meal-prep company, and we’ll be posting more in the upcoming weeks. And remember, if you want an easy-to-use software that can manage the back and front end of your meal prep company, give Sprwt a try!

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