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the #1 Meal Prep Software

Simple to set up. Easy to use. Meal Prep e-commerce solution with automated kitchen reports. Stop using excel and start using Sprwt.

Sprwt POS System
Automated Cooking Reports

With Sprwt your cooking reports are automatically processed once your customers complete an order.

Sprwt POS System
Meal Recipe Builder

Whether you need custom labels for your meal containers or labels to track your delivery bag, Sprwt can automatically produce them for you.

Sprwt POS System
Generate Labels

Generate labels for you meals so customers can see what they are eating. We also product bag labels so you can easily pack the correct meals in your customers delivery bags.

Sprwt POS System
Custom Solution for Meal Prep

Throw away those half-working plugins. Sprwt meal prep e-commerce solution is built exclusively for meal prep delivery and restaurants.