Introducing Auto-Apply Coupons

As you know by now, we’re always thinking of creative new ways to incentivize customers to subscribe to your services.Today, we’re eager to announce an exciting new feature here at Sprwt: auto-apply coupons. But how are these different from regular coupons? And why should you care so much?

Well, for several reasons. If one of your customers spends a certain amount of money, this feature will automatically apply a discount to their card, whether in the form of a percent or dollar discount. This addition is designed to maximize the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns – you can now encourage your customers on facebook, for instance, to spend a certain amount of money in order to get a free meal! Boom- your messaging is already 10x more impactful.

We all know customers are always looking for discounts. But, if getting a discount requires numerous steps and a complicated process, they might not even bother. We know how important it is to make customer rewards easy to take advantage of – otherwise, is it even really a reward? Our auto-apply coupons ensure that customers don’t even have to apply a code- one less step! We can say with confidence that this will increase your conversion rate in your marketing campaigns on multiple platforms.

If you want to take your marketing to the next level, and ensure continued customer loyalty, don’t hesitate to start taking advantage of the auto-apply coupons.