BestLife Meal Prep

“I would have a handwritten piece of paper with all of our menu items and mark, okay, one chicken and rice, one salmon, one shrimp, and, at the end of it all I would total it all up and get cooking.”

Restaurant and hospitality gurus Tony and Valerie Bettencourt started BestLife meal prep just two years ago with the goal of making clean, healthy food as convenient as possible for their customers. They cook with only organic produce and all natural, grass-fed meats. Customers place orders online for either delivery or pickup from one of their four locations.

Challenges pre-Sprwt

The Bettencourts started their business with a grassroots approach, beginning right out of their home. Organizing the orders that customers placed via text message, email, or Facebook quickly became an overwhelming task. Tony built a basic ecommerce website through GoDaddy, but still, at the end of every week, they would have to collect and print each invoice and begin cooking. They often received orders from customers far from their delivery zones and would have to directly email and inform them of this, inevitably creating customer dissatisfaction. Launching a business directly from their house was a daunting enough task; having to manually calculate and confirm orders, and take into account human error, was altogether limiting their productivity and capacity for growth and impact.

“The super helpful part is the macro-nutrition info: that really is a huge, sell-able feature with people, so that makes it seamless or really attractive to anyone whose ordering, whether it’s for weight loss or increased athletic performance…having that part of it is a huge leg-up, it’s amazing.”
“I underestimated how much I would like the ability for people to have a subscription—there’s a level of consistency—about 33% of our customer base—so for a third of your income to be solid like that is really great.”


More Time & Efficiency

The features at Sprwt spoke to exactly what Tony was looking for. Gone are the days of sitting around the kitchen table, frantically printing and organizing invoices, hand writing orders, and inevitably missing key details. Sprwt’s software frees Tony and Valerie from this responsibility by automatically consolidating all of the orders submitted online into systematic reports. Automation like this became essential to BestLife Meal Prep’s success, as well as peace of mind for Tony, Valerie, and their customers.

Improving the Customer Experience

Sprwt has not only significantly minimized Tony and Valerie’s logistical work, but has also transformed the customer experience at BestLife Meals. Users now have the ability to add their food preferences and allergens, ensuring that their meals always meet their needs. To target the large segment of customers who are seeking a healthy lifestyle, users have access to the macronutrition label on each meal, creating optimal transparency between kitchen and customer. Their customers also savor the option to select from a multitude of subscription options, ensuring that their meal plan perfectly suits their needs.

“Sprwt has freed up a lot more of my time to focus on the business. I don’t have to make phone calls to tell people we don’t deliver to this particular town anymore. There’s a lot more that’s self-explanatory for customers, so they just jump in and feel comfortable ordering.”
Tracking Sales

With the sales reports that Sprwt automatically generates, Tony and Valerie can observe and analyze specific sales trends to evaluate BestLife Meal Prep’s success and impact. It is no longer daunting to discern if a drop in sales is due to a holiday or is part of a larger pattern, and conversely, to evaluate what’s working. If sales dip persistently, they know to invest time and energy into their advertising and marketing efforts. The data is always at their fingertips – they don’t have to dig through old invoices or keep track of Excel spreadsheets – and strategic solutions are, therefore, always within their grasp.