Ideal Meals

“We spent the better half of four years without a website and without marketing, and basically surviving off of word of mouth alone. “
ideal meals

Seth Goldman founded Ideal Meals five years ago out of someone else’s kitchen with the ambition to make quality, healthy food convenient for all. Their meals, delivered two times per week, are made of high-quality ingredients that are non-GMO, hormone and antibiotic-free, and packed with organic nutrients.

Challenges pre-Sprwt

Over the first four years, Ideal Meals built their kitchen and a robust clientele. However, after seeking help from numerous companies, they still struggled to create an operative website, limiting their growth capacity as an e-commerce site. One option was to continue taking orders and charging each customer manually – an unnecessarily tedious process, and one that inevitably produced inaccuracies. Or, perhaps equally as discouraging, they could rely on an unresponsive, inaccessible site that often drove customers away. The gravity of this problem was not lost on Seth and his staff. Lacking any marketing at all, the team knew they would continue to lag behind their competitors.

“Any development that we’ve needed done has always been quoted very fairly and accurately, and one of the things that I really love about Michael- he’s very quick: the second you make a decision, the card gets run and the work gets done.”
“I really like that Sprwt has a two-faced focus: it focuses not only on the admin, but it’s focusing on the user too: what can they do to make the user’s experience better, and how can they make the admin’s experience better.”


A Seamless Transition to Sprwt

Ideal Meals has been using Sprwt for about a year now, and Seth shudders when he thinks of these first four years struggling to build a user-friendly website and effectively market their services. Now that every business operation, from vendor to kitchen to customer, is automated, their sales have grown substantially. Seth expected that as with any new website, some users would struggle to learn more than others. But even for their older demographic, Seth is able to teach them new functionalities quickly, and ordering rarely takes them longer than three or four minutes. For any glitches he can’t fix on his own, he can quickly write a ticket and trust that the Sprwt team will correct the problem in 24 to 48 hours. In today’s ultra-busy and chaotic climate, he treasures the ability to connect with Michael, Sprwt’s founder, at the click of a button.

Customer Experience

Seth’s favorite Sprwt features equally benefit him and his clients. For instance, because many of his customers can choose from a range of subscription options, alongside an “auto renewal” button on the Ideal Meals site, he has a much clearer understanding of the steadily increasing sales coming in every week. Before, without a subscription option or a comprehensive platform to store and organize order data, Seth was unaware who was ordering meals and how often. Sprwt’s sales reports also allow him to quickly scan and compare orders from week to week, and even reach out to those clients who have forgotten to order, or who perhaps needed some extra incentive to subscribe. Retaining and picking up additional clients is now well within Seth’s grasp – a far cry from the days without a website.

“We’re very, very pleased with the integration – not only how quickly it took everything to get set up, but also that it’s an affordable service for a startup company who maybe can’t hire an in-house web developer and marketer for ten grand a month- having Sprwt do that job for you without being inhouse really has allowed us to grow our business.”
Looking Forward

Since day 1, the Sprwt software has transformed the administrative and customer experience at IdealMeals with its seamless automation. Moreover, there is no shortage of additional functionalities that the Sprwt team continues to build to make Ideal Meals as successful as possible. Currently, Sprwt developers are creating an auto-reorder function, so that if customers forget to select their meals by the cutoff time, the software will automatically reapply meals from the week before. Seth expects to watch his numbers double from this simple but effective change. And, now that there are minimums set for their à la carte menu, customers can immediately order from the main page rather than first going through the extraneous steps of selecting a certain meal pack or subscription.

Seth is excited about his company’s future with Sprwt as their core support system. Ideal Meals already uses the software for packaging purposes – and especially appreciates how the automatic labeling system has streamlined their operations – but they’re also eager to embrace all of Sprwt’s new developments, like our routing software, the Root Planner. With this new addition and many more, Seth knows he can always rely on the Sprwt team to make necessary adjustments that fit the specific needs of Ideal Meals while maximizing their impact.