Nala’s Kitchen

“Overall, the platform is amazing – we get nothing but compliments. I believe our website has actually drawn new customers that are looking for a delivery service or meal prep company, because I think it elevates our brand. It looks better, and you can tell we’ve invested in it – not just money, but time.”

Nala’s Kitchen, created by professional chef Beca Tuinei, has brought fresh and delicious meals to the Hartford and New Haven counties in Connecticut since 2017. Her meals are pre-portioned in alignment with the Whole30 diet, have no artificial ingredients, preservatives, or added sugars, and change weekly.

Challenges pre-Sprwt

Before signing on with Sprwt, Nala’s Kitchen operations, brand development, and success were limited by a mediocre software system. Their website was overly simple and lacked an engaging design, with no pictures and only two menus. Users could do two things: see the menu and place an order, but even this process resulted in frequent errors. Beca and her team also struggled with inaccurate food counts and wrong orders, especially without access to labels. Despite repeatedly expressing their concerns, they felt dismissed by their supporting company, and their requests remained unfulfilled.

“I’ve noticed a significant difference. We haven’t had any issues like we in the past where we didn’t have enough food, or we didn’t calculate costs correctly, or we were missing meals. At the end of the day, when we’re done cooking and we’re setting up meals, our accuracy is so much better.”
“95% of our issues get resolved in 24 hours, and I get feedback right away.”


Website Design & Branding with Sprwt

As the team at Nala’s Kitchen quickly discovered, running a meal prep delivery business looks different at Sprwt, beginning with a website overhaul.
Sprwt understands that the website is the first thing a customer sees, and primarily interacts with – so its design, content, and accessibility cannot be overlooked. Vanessa, the Chief Operations Officer, is grateful for and continually impressed by how user-friendly and elegant Nala’s Kitchen’s website now is. The frequent compliments she receives from a variety of customers reinforces her satisfaction.

Inventory Accuracy

Both Vanessa and the executive chef have noticed a distinct improvement in their kitchen operations. Missing orders and incorrect meals are things of the past. They rely on Sprwt’s plethora of inventory and cooking reports to ensure they have the exact number of ingredients for a given recipe on a given day. Sprwt requires more time on the team’s end to input more detailed data, but at the end of the day, they are more thorough than ever before. And it is this accuracy and precision that has paved the way for Nala’s Kitchen’s success.

Customer & Client Service

The concept of treating customer needs on an individual basis was virtually impossible with their prior system. Nala’s Kitchen can now accommodate more diet types, preferences, and allergies. For Chef Beca, an advocate for seniors in the community who wants to understand their nutritional needs, this development is essential. Sprwt has also transformed communication with these customers. Vanessa utilizes Sprwt’s sales reports weekly to see if they have any new customers, and then reaches out to them individually to introduce herself and assist them with their services. And of course, Vanessa uses these reports to evaluate why some weeks are busier than others and what meals do and don’t sell – insight and analyses that strategically inform the team’s future decisions in the kitchen. Because the software is so user-friendly for owners of Nala’s Kitchen, their customers regularly benefit, receiving more personalized attention to their diets than ever before.

Thanks to our user-friendly interface, when Vanessa wants to make a website change, she finds that she can almost always do it herself. Add more zip codes to the delivery option? Eliminate pop-ups? Done in minutes. But, if she does encounter any logistical or operational errors that she can’t fix on their own, she can put her full faith in the responsiveness and reliability of the Sprwt team. Vanessa is never left wondering how long an issue might take to fix, because Sprwt prizes itself on transparency and clear, constant communication with our clients.