Meal Prep With Me

“We have been able to better track and control our costs and expenses for materials. Tracking what we’ve used and what we need to buy makes updating and changing things easier as well. We appreciate it a lot.”

Robin Owens founded Meal Prep With Me in the heart of Houston, aiming to empower busy individuals to take control of their lives with healthy eating offered at a reasonable price. Targeting several low-income areas, Meal Prep With Me strives to challenge the perception that wellness and healthy eating are reserved for those who are privileged. The team is eager to spread its roots throughout the greater Houston area and even hopes to grow to the national level.

Challenges pre-Sprwt

Although Meal Prep With Me only signed on with Sprwt two short months ago, they’ve come a long way from the days of manual work and constant disorganization. Hawkins, Robin’s son, notes that they had little experience running a small business, making the ins-and-outs of daily kitchen operations a chaotic endeavor. In addition to shouldering the many responsibilities associated with organizing orders, cooking, and packaging, they struggled to find time for effective branding and marketing. The intangibles of running a small business, the team quickly discovered, were only accumulating as their business grew.

“It’s definitely an improvement on every practical front of the informational side of the business. And we love the way [the website] looks and the way it’s set up.”
“The sales reports are one of the most useful things we have.”


Kitchen Operations Transformed

When it comes to kitchen operations, things look remarkably different at Meal Prep With Me than they did just two months ago. Sprwt’s cooking reports have revolutionized their preparation processes: they are no longer making rough, often inaccurate estimates of how much inventory to purchase. They use the reports to adjust their portions to perfectly match the number and type of orders for that day.

Hawkins is also amazed by how easily and systematically the system allows him to price each meal. As he spends much of his time uploading recipes and sub-recipes to the website, he savors the function that breaks down each recipe’s nutritional facts and even sorts and organizes the different ingredients for the meals they put together. Based on the price he enters per unit for each ingredient, Sprwt automatically calculates the total product price. Manual calculations and inevitable missteps have been replaced by automated and error-free solutions to meet their kitchen needs.

A New Packaging and Delivery System

Once the cooking process is complete, the team no longer has to spend extraneous time manually creating meal labels to make their to-go bags identifiable. With the click of a button, they can print the automatically labels Sprwt offers and neatly apply them to each bag. This feature is essential for organizational purposes and allows numerous people, including their customers, to scan the necessary information about the meal inside. Complemented by their user-friendly and aesthetic website, these labels significantly improve their presentation. Meal Prep With Me not only now operates with more efficiency, but also, their brand identity is clearly established. Customers are no longer given random, nameless brown delivery bags; they know exactly what’s inside and that they’re using Meal Prep With Me – not just any meal prep company.

Evaluating Trends & Looking Forward

At Sprwt, we understand that streamlining kitchen operations is only one side essential for a successful meal-prep company. If our clients are seeing spikes in sales, then naturally, they’ll need access to this data to understand exactly where their revenue is coming from. On the other side of the preparation process, the Meal Prep With Me team relies on Sprwt’s sales reports to evaluate different weekly and monthly trends. Rather than sifting through endless, mind-numbing spreadsheets to pinpoint relevant data, Robin and Hawkins can identify which meals are most popular and which meals aren’t selling almost instantly, thanks to the user-friendly nature of Sprwt’s sales reports.

Thanks to Sprwt’s support for the past few months, the team at Meal Prep With Me has high hopes for their company’s future. Now that they have a streamlined process from kitchen to customer, their website is engaging and effective for customers, and their brand identity is established, Meal Prep With Me is poised to have widespread impact, making healthy food accessible to all.