SmartMeal Preps

“When I found Sprwt, I had doubts about how everything would be handled, but when I looked at all the resources I could have with just one click, I fell in love.”

Amarylis Diaz founded SmartMeal Preps in 2017 with the ambition to ship food to the entire island of Puerto Rico. She wanted to provide her clients with delicious and nutritious meals that would complement their weight loss journeys.

Challenges pre-Sprwt

Before Sprwt, she manually completed every business operation – taking and keeping track of orders, creating labels, acquiring inventory, and more. When it came to communicating logistical information to her customers, such as delivery dates and pick up locations, she relied on Facebook and Instagram. She also used these platforms to market her company to the best of her ability. However, without a website, communicating with customers while fostering brand awareness became nearly impossible tasks. Using different social media accounts for ordering and marketing purposes simply wasn’t sustainable. And rather than focusing on her true passion, cooking, she was overwhelmed by the tedious, day-to-day operations of running a meal-prep company manually.

“In my first week live with the software, I have had a 25% increase in new customers.”
“I’ve really seen that my quality of life has improved, less stress and more hours available to my family and me!”


Saving Time & Money

Sprwt has allowed Amarylis to save both time and money: her business operations have been enhanced and streamlined in ways she didn’t think possible. Food waste has declined, thanks to Sprwt’s reports that tell her precisely what ingredients she needs to buy. A far cry from the days of handwriting each order, Amarylis can trust the software to collect customer orders and eliminate errors. And, she treasures the ability to make meaningful insights from Sprwt’s sales reports, such as discerning which dishes are most popular and which she should eliminate from her menu.

Engaging Web Design

While her customers initially found it daunting to use a website and brand-new ordering system, she realized that they only needed a bit of encouragement to adapt. Now, they’re comfortable with not only efficiently ordering, but even inputting their allergies and dislikes in their user settings. They’re equally eager to examine their macronutrients information for each meal they select, giving them unprecedented control over their lifestyle changes. Both sides of the business- customer and admin- feel the personal touch that Sprwt allows.

Increase in Sales

With the newly automated nature of her business operations and the enhanced customer experience, sales have skyrocketed as the company acquires more and more business. Sprwt has helped restore SmartMeal Preps’s original mission, allowing Amarylis to strike an optimal balance between pursuing her greatest passion (cooking) and benefitting the island community. At the same time, Amarylis’s life is no longer dominated by the nitty-gritty details of running a meal-prep business – she is able, instead, to fulfill her personal and business goals while reserving valuable time for herself and her family.