Help! I keep losing my bags and I don’t know what to do.

You spend $15, $20, sometimes even $30 on creating the perfect delivery bag. And why wouldn’t you? You want your customer’s meals to stay fresh for as long as possible that way they enjoy their food. Makes sense. The problem is they keep forgetting to return them or worst they lose them and never give them back. So, what do you do? Continuously charge a delivery bag fee manually and then refund it back to them when it’s returned –which is a process that takes forever thanks to banks. This doesn’t work. It simply doesn’t.

So, here’s our solution. We built a few systems to tackle the dreaded delivery bag fear. First, we have a one-time delivery bag fee that all customers pay on their first checkout. Easy-peasy. Now what happens when someone returns it? Do you have to refund their credit card and deal with the dreaded bank issue? NOPE!!!

Our digital wallet system was built for this exact purpose. Rather than refunding ANYTHING to your customers credit cards (banks) you can refund it into their digital wallet. This digital wallet is a virtual currency system that customers can use to purchase products from your site. So if you have an ongoing delivery bag fee, you can simply refund to their wallet and they can pay the fee from their digital funds.

How do you deal with unreturned delivery bags?

What if a customer didn’t return a bag you ask? Well the fees aren’t refunded until they are. You control this 100%. But it gets better. We have a delivery bag tracking system that allows your drivers or any employee track every bag that has been returned or delivered. Every customer’s profile has a section to track what delivery bags they have. And if they return it, you simply remove the bag barcode ID from their profile and the fees are refunded. 1… 2… 3… that’s all it should take, and it does!

But why stop there? We decided to upgrade this entire bag system to include improvements for fulfillment and we did that with a bag label. Our bag label system automatically generates a label that includes the customer name and their contact information, where the food is delivered or picked up, as well as a QR Code and Bar Code so you can scan them to see exactly what meals go into each customer’s bag. This bag label system has saved some of our customers over 28% of their packaging time on average. No more mix-ups, no more missed meals, no more wrong deliveries.