I either have too much food or too little and I can’t keep track. What do I do? Anyone…?

Why do I keep having extra food!

One of the biggest problems we’ve come across is procurement. Almost each and every one of our clients prior to our system has constantly overbought or worst purchased not enough ingredients. And we always asked ourselves how can we fix this. So, we reached out to everyone we were working with, even contact some big chefs in the NYC & Miami restaurant scene. And then we finally got an answer.

One of our clients in Louisiana told us exactly what we needed to do.

And we listened. Since then, they’ve saved over 18% of their food costs because there is no more guessing. We’ve created an ingredient system so diverse and in depth that I think the USDA needs to take our API to finally get the right data.

With Sprwt.io you are in full control. You can create detailed ingredients, sub-ingredients, and sub-recipes. For starters you can set every piece of nutritional data so your customers know how many calories they are eating to how much Vitamin B and iron are in each bite. Want your customers to auto-filter meals based on their allergens and dislike, now you can set those criteria and have the system automate your customer’s ordering. How about finally understanding your true cost to cook a meal. Bam! We’ve got that too. With each teaspoon you add to your recipe our system auto-calculates how much it will cost you.

But then we took it one step further.

What about calculating the food waste percentage and actually determining what is needed to purchase and cook so you always yield the correct amount that a meal portion requires. Well thanks to our amazing clients we figured out exactly how to build those reports, those calculations, and in return delivered an amazing product that will help you.

Here’s the kicker… all of this data gets auto-populated into several reports to help manage your business. The inventory shopping list is the perfect report to give to your reps when purchasing food. Simply export, send, and have your meals delivered to your kitchen. Our cooking reports are broken down by meal and by sub-recipe. You cook in stations so we made our cooking reports follow suit. Wait until you here about how our packaging and fulfillment systems can benefit you.

Have a question regarding our system, the reports, or anything else. Please feel free to schedule a demo with us to learn more.