What is Sprwt and how do you even pronounce it?

We’ve been asked quite a few times, how do you even pronounce the name of your company. Okay so we thought we were clever and wanted to put a twist on the word sprout. It’s a vegetable and it also means grow. The perfect name so we thought. But where did we come from? 

Sprwt was started in a small village in Europe in 2016. Many years ago we were tasked with creating a system for a startup looking to bring healthy meal delivery to Europe. What we didn’t know then was the market was not ready. So we came back to South Florida with a software platform in hand thinking no one would ever want meal prep delivery. What were we going to do with all this code? The rest of our story you can read on the about page. 

So what is our platform?

Sprwt is a technology system exclusively for the meal prep delivery business that expedites your workflow with automated tasks. We worked with chefs, delivery drivers, and marketing teams to build the perfect suite of solutions to faciliate and assist you with your business operations.

Our product is a solution to automate your business’s processes. We manage the online and retail e-commerce systems. We facilitate the procurement and fulfilment via our Sprwt ERP systems. We even give your accountants a helping hand with our sales and tax reports.