Fedex Said Yes. We’re Official!

They said yes!

After months and months of our developers working day in and day out, we’ve finally built a proper integration into the Fedex API. So what does this mean? Well starting January 2020 after we finish our beta-testing you can start shipping nationally, internationally, or locally. Whatever your shipping needs they have you covered. Is it hard to do all that extra leg work you may ask? Nope. And here’s why…

We made everything AUTOMATED 

So that’s that. You’ve got everything covered. The moment a customer uses a zipcode thats defined within your Fedex paramters it will automatically calculate a shipping rate for them to pay. After that just like before you’ll automatically generate reports to tell you what to cook, package, and deliver. But this time you get a fancy new label. The “Fedex Shipping Label”. Save your oohhs and ahhhs. We know, this is amazing, but there’s always more. 

Instead of manually going to Fedex site and putting in the orders our system will automatically generate these labels for you. You just need to sit back and relax. We’ll take care of everything. All you need to do is setup your fedex account and contact your local rep to discuss what time they need to come to pickup the meals. Priority overnight – Check we have that already implemented. Just cook ’em, box ’em, ship ’em, and viola you’re done.

Upgrade today and start getting your Fedex Integration implemented for just an additional $125 per month. That’s cheaper than all the competitor platforms like Ship Station. Not only will we save you money by choosing our system, but you’re getting more features and a direct integration into your Sprwt reports.