Schools in Session – We Got Teaching Manuals

One of our clients, asked me if I could write a document explaining how the ordering process works so they can send it to their customers. I sat there on the phone for a few seconds and then bursted. Yea, you’re right. I should just do this. So, I hopped off the call and got to work. 

We understand using our system is a change, customers sometimes aren’t so “happy” to change, and sometimes they’re just used to what you had before. Our goal is to make this an easy decision for you when you’re looking for a system, and part of that process is educating your customers on how to use Sprwt. So guess what…

Schools in, get to class, we’re about to teach!

We’ve created three PDF documents explaining exactly how a new customer can come to your site and order from start to finish. If you’d like these documents we’ll send them to you so you can add them to your email marketing campaign (Psst… use Mailerlite with our integration) and automatically send it to each of your customers. 

Need any additional instructions on how something works on our site for yourself or your customers. Simply reach out to our sales team and one of our agents will help you out.