New: You Can Finally Checkout As Your Customer

Do you ever have a frustrated customer come across an issue when ordering online, and need you to just do it for them?

But instead, you’re confined to your admin account, so you just can’t see exactly what’s going wrong on their end with their account. Your options are limited: you can change their password or just place the order through your admin account on their behalf. Either way, you’re frustrated, the customer is losing patience….everyone loses. And when this is happening with multiple customers at the same time, forget about it!


We’ve decided to stop accepting these technological inconveniences and start making real changes once and for all. So…dare we say this might be our biggest feature request of all time: the ability to checkout as your customer.

As an admin, you will finally be able to go through the entire checkout process and simply select the customer you want to complete the order on their behalf. Next time a customer calls with a question, or wants to place a last-minute order, you can just do it for them. 

It’s simple, efficient, and will guarantee your customers a better user experience. Finally: everyone wins. Need we say more?

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