Is my meal-prep business too small for Sprwt?

You might be thinking – Sprwt sounds spectacular, but my meal prep business just isn’t ready for it yet. Or maybe you’re wondering – how big does my meal prep business need to be in order to justify Sprwt? 

Sprwt might seem like an advanced software – and it is, but that doesn’t mean it’s just for well-established companies. In fact, Sprwt is equipped to support companies at every stage of their business endeavors. No, you don’t need to grow more, or wait till you have hundreds of clients. We help you get off the ground running when you have only a dozen clients, and we provide you with innovative, creative solutions when you have over 100. Sprwt is built to work with you, and meet you wherever you are in your business goals. 

All you need are 10 customers to get started. Whether you’ve always dreamed of opening a restaurant, are a serial entrepreneur, fitness and nutrition enthusiast, or simply unemployed & looking to make fast cash, you won’t have any trouble finding 10 individuals who don’t have time to prepare and cook 3 meals a day. And even if you’re starting small, we offer a range of pricing for our plans, so you can pick what works best for you. We understand the urgency and stress around budgets – especially for small-scale businesses, which is why we offer several options, as well as a frequent variety of discounts!

There’s no lag time once you sign up: prepare to boost your productivity and profits ASAP. Once you select a plan that’s best for you, we build your temporary site in 15 minutes. Then, you simply create your menu, connect your site with Stripe, and get paid in minutes. 

And of course, that’s only the beginning. Remember, Sprwt is built to run every aspect of your business – not only a recipe builder and system to manage your customer orders, but even tools to improve your sales and marketing, and endless customization options for your customers. And, we’re constantly adding new features that optimize your business operations and guarantee you your highest sales yet. Anything you need or request, we build it. 

We can’t wait to work with you – no matter what size you are. 
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