Save 80% of your time with Sprwt Root Planner

We’ve given you the #1 meal prep and restaurant management software. But, we knew there was more we could do to take your business efficiency to the next level – especially with delivery operations. Enter our brand new Root Planner- an additional Sprwt software designed to streamline your delivery management, integrated seamlessly with your meal prep operations.

Our clients were relying on third-party applications to plan their delivery routes, or even manually mapping the routes themselves. Existing software wasn’t working for them – we found that they were either outdated, had an excess of unnecessary functions, or simply didn’t work. Our software has only the features you absolutely need, still with plenty of opportunities to customize your various operations – whether that be exact location, customer needs, or driver zones.

Sprwt’s mission is to create a one-shop stop for meal prep businesses – a place where all of their business operations can be executed in one place. And with the Sprwt Root Planner, you can save 80% of your time.

But don’t take our word for it – try it yourself. Schedule a call with an onboarding agent for hands-on assistance, or, if you’re eager to try on your own, simply select which plan is best for you, create an account, and dive in. We’re always here to help, and can’t wait to see what you think.